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albania-casinosAlbania is a country located in Eastern Europe. It lies near the country of Kosovo.
There is only one type of gambling that is legal here a casino; and in this small country, the only city that has a casino is named Tirana. The first casino in this country opened in October 2005,and Hyatt regency who won the bidding funds it for fifteen tears.
It has the largest casino in the entire country. The Regency casino of Tirana has tucked inside its walls twenty-one gaming tables but there are also many slot machines. What this casino also has is 1700 feet of convention space.

When the Hyatt regency won this casino’s bid, they almost shut down because Albania was going to quadruple the taxes on casino slot. . That luckily did not happen. But they do have many slot machines also.
Here inside these walls the games available to the Albanian population are many. Regent Stud Poker, Black Jack, and American Roulette are all table games.

You will not find any other casino in Albania. If you wish to visit other casinos you will need to leave Albania and go to Macedonia which the nearest country.
The Regency Casino Tirana is host to two hundred and forty one slot machines now. Unlike their counterparts in Las Vegas, the casino does not open until 2 PM and closes at 6 AM. It possesses 18,300 square feet of gaming space.
Prior to 1991, Albanians were under Communist rules. However, as they slowly removed the communist restrictions they began evolving, even to allowing sports betting and lotteries to become legal.
Legalization of casino gambling afforded some economical changes in the country and benefits. Albania was a poor country, and with the introduction of the casino brought beneficial changes to their society.
Online casinos in Albania are not plentiful. However, Albanian citizens can use Neteller to fund their online casino experience.

Even though gambling is legal in Albania the Interior Ministry keeps a watch over the casinos to make sure their laws are abided by and that no crimes have been committed.
The crime they found most from these casinos is tax evasion. The
Ministry says they will prosecute any criminal activity and the gambling businesses have more concentration of these agents to keep them legal. Thus, the casino in Albania must always do things according to the laws of the land.

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