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Antigua & Barbuda CasinosAntigua and Barbuda are not a nation widely known for their gambling community, and though it might be small, it is indeed thriving. Antigua and Barbuda are a twin island nation laying betwixt the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic and containing a population of around eighty one thousand and eight hundred, at least in terms of it’s permanent citizens.

In total the two islands contain only six casinos all of which are spread out over only four cities. Together the combined twin islands boast eight hundred and eighty five slot machines, fifty five game tables and fifteen poker tables where it is legal to play. Only casino gambling and parlour sports betting are legal in Antigua and Barbuda under law.

The largest and most popular city for the gambling establishment community in the island country is undisputed that of Saint Johns city. Within Saint John’s the gambling lover will find the famous Kings Casino, largest in all of Antigua and Barbuda, boast a grand total of three hundred slot machines, fifteen table games and seven poker tables. King’s Casino is located in King’s Building Heritage Quay, in the City of Saint John’s.

Another popular casino on the islands in that of the Grand Princess casino, the second largest of Antigua and Barbda. The Grand Princess casino contains two hundred and fifty slot machines, twenty four table games and four poker tables. The Grand Princess casino is located in Jolly Harbour Center, Jolly Harbour. After these two, there are only four more casinos to go, so let us get to the next one.

Asot’s Arcade Jackpot Casino Slots is another casino on the islands with one hundred different slot machines but no table games nor any poker tables. Asot’s Arcade Jackpot Casino Slots is located on 18 High Street PO Box 742, Saint John’s.

Next there is the Casino Riviera located in PO Box W270, Runaway Bay. The Casino Riviera contains a grand total of thirty five slot machines, eight table games and two poker tables.

Next is Saint James Club Casino with fifty slot machines and eight table games, though it does not have any poker tables. Saint James Club Casino is located at PO Box 63, Mamora Bay.

Lastly, there is the Royal Antiguan casino which has only slot machines and no table games nor poker tables. Though the Royal Antiguan possesses one hundred and fifty playable slot machines.

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