Argentina Land Based Casinos

argentina-casinosArgentina has remained one of the largest tourist destinations in the Americas for several decades because of the beautiful landscapes and varied forms of entertainment and relaxation. Among the historic landmarks, religious pilgrimage sites, local food establishments, there is something more to discover in this South American haven. The gambling communities within Argentina have something to offer just about everyone. From horse racing tracks to physical casinos, Argentinian cities are simply full of options for residents and visitors who love to gamble.

Physical Locations
There are currently over three hundred gambling sites within Argentina, and the number of planned casinos continues to grow each year. Alta Gracia, Rio Tercero, Villa del Rosario, and other cities offer a plethora of casinos as a main attraction. Virtually any city located along a major interstate is bound to have at least one large casino for visitors and residents to relax and unwind with some traditional games and live entertainment. The arid climate makes a perfect environment for dog and horse races because the animals are able to quickly complete races without being short of breath due to excessive humidity. Although not every casino location in Argentina offers live racing with seating available on the track, most locations do have live video feed for races happening throughout the nation. In addition, many casinos offer betting options for distant races so gamblers can place bets from the comfort of a nearby casino while enjoying their favorite casino games.

Gaming Options
As with most traditional casinos in the Americas and abroad, Argentina casinos have a wide variety of tables games, slot machines, and a combination of lottery style games of chance. There is no shortage of options when it comes to the card games because most Argentina casinos feature Blackjack and Poker tables that offer at least five or six different variations of the game. This not only gives the casino more opportunity for expansion, but also creates a viable market for visitors from all over the world to visit and enjoy familiar games. Video poker is also a relatively new trend and several machines are available within most casinos. Slot machines in a variety of denominations are usually one of the most popular choices for any casino visitor, and there are plenty of machines for every user. Progressive slots give multiple players an opportunity to win a higher jackpot amount and can be a bit intense for some novice users. Essentially, any game that a person could imagine is available in a local Argentina casino location.

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