Austria Land Based Casinos

austria-casinosGambling in Austria is legal, but highly regulated. Casinos are required to look after and out for addicted gamblers, whether it involves sports or event betting, card games, slot machines, roulette, or whatever else.

They are supposed to make sure people don’t spend well beyond their means or what they are capable of spending. Steps are supposed to be taken to ensure people don’t get addicted to gambling. There have been some successful lawsuits in terms of addicted gamblers suing Austrian casinos for not following these rules rigidly enough.

Casinos Austria is the big, nationally-based casino firm in Austria. They run 12 casinos in Austria, and a few more worldwide. Most casinos in Austria, oddly enough, have a dress code. It used to be more formal and strictly enforced, but people may still give you a weird look if you’re only clad in a t-shirt and shorts.

You can find Austrian casinos in the cities of Baden (the site of the nation’s largest casino), Bregenz, Graz, Innsbruck, the ski resort of Kitzbuhel, Kleinwalsertal, Linz, Salzburg, Seefeld, the spa and lakeside town of Velden, and the large city of Vienna. There is also a casino in the city of Bad Gastein, but it’s only open in the summer and winter.

Casinos Austria are deeply politically connected, and one of the biggest casino firms in the world. They were first established in 1934– although under a different name. The Casinos Austria brand was founded in 1967. Over 17 million people visit their casinos a year worldwide. They employ 9,200 people worldwide, 1,800 of whom are in Austria. They own over 750 gambling tables and 7,600 gambling machines.

There are other big Austrian companies that are in the gambling or casino industries. What has become particularly popular is online gambling; Casinos Austria has a large competitor in the internet-based firm Bwin was started by Austrians in Austria, but is headquartered in the territory of Gibraltar for tax reasons.

Casinos Austria and other brick and mortar establishments have tried to fight this influx of virtual gambling by making their establishments more enticing and interesting than an online site can be. In other words, things like decor, atmosphere, and personalized customer service are emphasized.

Casinos Austria, as with most casino firms in Austria, are not publicly owned. A combination of banks, investment funds, and private individuals own the firm.

Remember to be responsible when gambling anywhere. Although Austria has measures that make it harder to get addicted to gambling in their establishments, this by no means makes it impossible. Gamble responsibly!

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