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Lebanon Land Based Casinos

lebanon-casinosLebanon is a beautiful country located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It also has legal gambling and has one casino – Casino du Liban. It is located in Jounieh, a short distance from Beirut. The Casino du Liban is Lebanon’s only casino. It’s elegance and reputation matches that of many of the most often visited casinos in Las Vegas. The casino is a tourist destination, drawing thousands from all economic classes, with the wealthiest of visitors having opulent rooms reserved for them.

It’s location on the eastern shore of Lebanon provides breathtaking views from the observation area located in the top of the casino as well as from the terraces that grace the exterior of the building. Additionally, the skyline at night is marked by pronounced lights that cast reflections in the waters of the bay below it.

The Casino du Liban first opened in 1959 and closed in 1989. After significant renovations the casino again reopened for business in 1996. The 35,000 square meter casino has much to offer and can provide hours of gambling and other entertainment. It has 57 table games, 365 gaming slot machines as well as video poker machines.

Access to the gaming areas is open to all persons 21 years of age and older with some exceptions for Lebanese nationals and residents. Those denied entry into the gaming areas are those that are government/public sector employees and/or military personnel, cashiers in banks or any commercial establishment, and those who earn an income below LBP30 million per annum (equivalent to USD20,000). All foreign visitors are welcome in the gaming areas.

There is a strict dress code at the Casino du Liban. In the main gaming areas for men, a suit and tie is required and a formal dress for women. In the slot machine areas more casual attire is allowed but no jeans and sport shoes can be worn.

Payment for services and gaming at the casino includes all major currencies and credit cards (Master Card & Visa), Bankers Drafts and Travelers’ checks. The casino does not accept personal checks.

First-time visitors to the casino may register online for their membership cards prior to their arrival. An online membership registration form is available. Upon arrival, prompt issuance of the membership card is assured at the reception desk.

There are other attributes of the casino that make one’s stay a memorable experience. It has a showroom offering top notch entertainment, a theater, a banquet facility and 5 restaurants that offer something for every taste and palette, offering a varied menu of Lebanese and European cuisine.

The casino is also situated near many well known tourist attractions for those patrons of the Casino du Liban that wish to partake of activities outside of the casino complex.

Blog, 6.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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Israel Land Based Casinos

israel-casinosIt might come as a surprise that you can gamble in Isreal, but, in a limited way, you can. Technically, it is illegal to gamble within the state, though there was recently one intrepid soul who turned a bomb shelter into a casino and grow-op. There is a big loophole in the law and that allows cruise ships to have gambling. People have taken advantage of this loophole. There are 5 casinos in Isreal.

The biggest and the most luxurious gambling cruise ship is the Casino Palace. Starting off from Eilat Port in HaDarom, Isreal, it cruises nighly for 4 hour stages. This allows guests to play on their 52 slot machines. There is no racebook or sports book, but there are 8 tables where people can play Roulette or Blackjack. The ship is a spacious 164 square feet.

Another impressive casino is the Victoria Casino. It also calls Eilat, HaDarom home. It also does 4 hour cruises every night. Again, no racebook or off track betting, but it has 11 slot machines. It has a far bigger complement of gambling tables. There are 20 such tables onboard. A gambler can play Blackjack, Carribean Stud Poker, Poker, and Roulette. They have no sports book, but it is 130 square feet. It’s a pretty comfortable ride, with the normal amenities.

A similarly sized boat is the Lady D Casino. It is 131 square feet. It is at the head of the inlet at Port Eilat, HaDarom. It is on Retamim Street. This big cruise ship does 4 hour tours most nights. They have several slot machines and a few tables. There is no racebook or off track betting. It has very comfortable decor and plenty of space to stretch your legs on deck, should a person get tired of gambling before going ashore.
Casino Flamingo is in an interesting spot. 1.7 miles north of the other 3 cruise ships’ docks, it is closer to the mouth of the inlet. It used to belong to a former Romanian President and then they remade it into a floating casino. It is not far from Egypt, either. However, it is still in Port Eilat, HaDarom, Isreal. It cruises around the inlet for 4 hours every night. Guests have their choice of the main casino, an area dedicated to slot machines, or a sun deck.

The very first casino cruise, the Casino Imperial, is still doing business with a sun deck, a private casino, and a public casino.
As you can see, provided you are Eilat Port, you can have a good time gambling in Isreal.

Blog, 6.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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United Arab Emirates Land Based Casinos

united-arab-emirates-casinosUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) comprises of seven states located in the Southwest of Asia on the Arab peninsula. Currently UAE has 3 cities with legal gambling facilities; the total numbers of these facilities are about 4. Dubai is the largest gambling city in UAE with 2 facilities, namely; Nad Al Sheba Racecourse at the Dubai Racing Club and Jebel Ali Race Course. The other facility is the Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club which is located in the emirate of Sharjah and the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club in the city of Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE. The state run Nad Al Sheba Racecourse is the largest and oldest gambling facility in UAE followed by Jebel Ali Racecourse. These racecourses attract some of the world’s fastest and strongest horses in the racing world. The types of gambling available in the country are primarily race tracks, they include; horseracing, greyhound racing and sports betting.

One popular casino that is associated with the emeritus of Dubai is the famous Dubai Palace Casino; the casino exists in UAE only by name, because it is based in in the resort city of Cancun, Mexico. Residents of the Emirates generally consider camel and horse racing as traditional events rather than forms of sport. The other popular sports include football and cricket as well as falconry which is also considered a traditional sport. Illegal gambling is punishable by law in UAE; fines of Dh 20,000 or jail terms of up to 2-years can be accessed on individuals caught in such activities. Boat or cruise ship casinos are also not allowed to operate in UAE or Dubai as long as they are docked in the city’s waters. Whereas gambling is illegal throughout UAE; online gambling is also frown upon in the emirates. However, you can still take a cue and play your favorite online casino game such as poker, slots, roulette as well as blackjack.

Because no Arab government can police or regulate online casino games, there exists is no specific law in Arab country that expressively prohibits gambling, including online gambling. The online casino sites that accept players from UAE are all off-shore based establishments. The best way to access the online casinos is via your mobile devices; this will allow you to access the casinos from anywhere and at any time. Although it may take you sometime to establish which online sites are legal, most of the legal online gambling sites in Dubai contain excellent security features, great graphics and applications that are easy to install. The casinos also provide excellent payouts and bonuses to the winning players.

Blog, 6.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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Northern Mariana Islands Land Based Casinos

northern-mariana-islands-casinosIn the region known as the Northern Marina Islands , which are located between the country of Guam and the commonwealth of the Northern Pacific Island, is the one main casino that is the heart of this region’s shows, gambling , and entertainment . This casino is the Tinain dynasty hotel and casino . The casino is located on one of the three major islands , which make up the commonwealth of the Northern Marina islands . Is located only 35 minutes from Guam . As of this time this is the only casino in this area, although there are many plans to be building some other casino and resorts, the people who are in charge have left this undertaking to the people who live in the regions.

The Tinain dynasty hotel and casino has a total of 99 gaming slot machines. This slot machine entertainment gives the players all the fun and enjoyment, with over the top sounds and graphics, just like any other casino. If you want a sophisticated game this casino has 8 Baccarat tables, six backpack tables , one Craps table, five mini- baccarat tables, 3 Sic Bo tables, and five Roulette tables. this gives you more than enough gambling table games that you can enjoy and interact with many people from all around the world. You do not have to worry about going hungry either. This hotel and Casino has a variety of places to dine, eat, and enjoy the atmosphere. You can choose to eat in any of their unique restaurants such as “ The BBQ Pit”, Broadway – Buffet, Casino Cafe , the Chinese Dynasty Court, The Japanese Sagano, or even the famous Monster Pizza.

This casino in this region has a one-of-a-kind attraction with actual scuba diving, that is a major attraction for people of all ages. There is no lack on the modern day casinos either. The Tinain Dynasty Hotel and Casino is equipped with all the modern ATM machines, for the convenience of the customer, along with car rental service outlets, the ability to exchange your foreign currency to the local currency, makes it easier to enjoy the fun. If that is not enough, the casino offers safety deposit boxes for their guests to keep their belongings safe, and of course valet parking.

The casino takes many forms of currency , however battle United States currency has a limit of $10,000.00 . At this time there are many ideas to create many other casinos in this region to attract more Tourists. This is mainly because the region has a wide variety of tours , and people visiting from all over the world .

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Vanuatu Land Based Casinos

vanuatu-casinosIn the tradition of resort casinos in a place where adventure and beauty are the perfect setting for tourists, the country of Oceania offers two unique casinos where you could have the gambling fun of a lifetime in a perfect elegant setting. The country offers a beautiful location and scenery for the perfect gambling and entertainment vacation. With over 119 slot machines, restaurants, shows, and table games these casinos will offer you hours of memorable times. In this region, there are only two casinos that are in this area which both offer a great place for fun and enjoyment.

The first casino that is in this area is the place known as Club 21 Limited. The casino is located as the Melanesian Hotel in Port Villa and the hours of operation for Club 21 are from 10:30AM and closes at 2:30AM. Club 21 limited is the largest casino in the Oceania area which is located in Port Villa. Port Villa is the largest legal gambling city in the area and offers a variety of gambling fun and elegant hotel settings for your perfect vacation. Club 21 offers the person that is interested in Slot machines a choice from 66 different poker and gaming machines.

The second casino in Port Villa that offers not only gambling but approximately 150 rooms is the Le Meridien Port Vila – The Palms Casino. The casino offers a variety of gambling slot machines and table games for your fun and enjoyment, but that is not all that this casino has to offer you. To go with the hotel rooms over a hundred, this hotel casino offers their guests the chance to be in one of the 10 over the water bungalows. This is a very unique and one of a kind way to see the scenery in all its beauty. Not only is this casino one of the sites of Port Villa, but it also has basic, modern accessories for their guests such as the meeting rooms, and banquets rooms. A business center is also available for all guests.This casino is open for business on Monday thru Thursday from 12:30 PM to 2:00AM, and Friday Thru Sunday from 12:30 PM to 3:00AM.

With all the beauty of the region, and descriptions of both casinos in the Oceania area you can plan to visit Port Villa where you will find two beautiful and luxurious hotel and casino facilities that will give you gaming and gambling enjoyment with all the comforts and entertainment of any major casino all around the world.

Blog, 6.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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