Bosnia – Herzegovina Land Based Casinos

bosnia-&-herzegovina-casinosBosnia and Herzegovina, most commonly shortened to just the name Bosnia, is a country located in southeastern Europe. Mostly a mountainous region with a miniscule coastline on the Adriatic Sea, Bosnia and Herzegovina has just one official casino within its borders, but many individual poker houses. Eastern Europeans are notoriously known for their love for the game of poker and those who are not able to travel to the casino will easily be able to find a poker house or even a computer for online gambling nearer to where they live.

Coloseum Club Casino
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s grand Coloseum Club Casino has made its home for a number of years in Sarajevo, the country’s quite populous capital city. In addition to the game of poker, the Coloseum Club Casino offers many of the games that most casinos have that are similar to the Coloseum, such as roulette tables, a number of blackjack tables and a large variety of slots.

If you are able to actually make an appearance at the Coloseum Club Casino for a day of fun and competition, you will find that the poker tables will be crowded with players as well as discrete spectators. There are quite a few more variants to Eastern European poker as opposed to the usual and most common variants of the game. The people of this part of the world take the game of poker more seriously than that of any other game of chance and this automatically leads to more competitive means of winning. Sarajevo is a tourist hotspot for people on business trips or leisure, so you will see a variety of different types of people as you walk through the amazing Coloseum Club Casino.

Poker Houses
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rugged terrain and mountainous landscape can sometimes make travel difficult for those who are outside of the city of Sarajevo. Poker houses have been operating in this region for a long time, longer than the Coloseum Club Casino and have become the benchmark of gambling and competition among like-minded men and women. Often accompanied with the evening’s poker games is alcohol, which makes events all the more interesting.

Online Gambling
If you are not interested in either poker house attendance or traveling all the way to Sarajevo’s Coloseum Club Casino, the internet has made it quite easy and more affordable than ever to experience the most popular world of online gambling. Every casino game you can think of is online through a variety of booking sites. To activate your account, simply deposit a small (or large) amount of money into your account and start betting. You can also choose to bet on certain sporting events.

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