Botswana Land Based Casinos

botswana-casinosBotswana is a beautiful country located on the continent of Africa. There are many different tourist attractions within its 11.7 million square miles. One of the indoor attractions is the Casinos. They are legalized here, with there being 7 facilities located upon the millions of square miles of land. The casinos are spread across the land of Botswana, within four major cities. The cities are; Gaborone, Francistown, Selebi Phikwe, and Lobatse.

There is always a place to sleep nearby, as all of the casinos have hotels either attached, or within a close driving distance. If gambling is something that you’d like to do as you visit Botswana, you’ll most likely want to choose a city that has a gambling facility, versus having to drive a long distance to get to a one. For example, two of the most popular cities to gamble are Gaborone and Francistown; however, they are located approximately 270 miles from one another. This is just a thought to keep in mind.

Gaborone is made up of two areas; Gaborone and West Gaborone. Grand Palm Casino is located in Gaborone West, and is the largest casino in the entire country of Botswana. This facility has 16 table games; made up of poker, black jack, roulette, etc, and 150 gaming and video poker machines. The other casino is called the Gaborone Sun Hotel & Casino. There is no available statistic information on this casino.

The largest gambling city is Francistown, having two casinos. One of their casinos is named the Sedibeng Casino, which is attached to the Cresta Thapama Hotel. You may find that this location is also called another name. Previously, this facility had the name of the “Admiral Casino”. The associated hotel kept their same name (Cresta Thapama Hotel). The square footage of the Sedibeng Casino is 2300, which includes space for 50 slot machines, 5 table games made up of Black Jack, Poker, and Roulette. The other hotel in Francistown is the Marang Hotel and Casino. This is not a rated hotel, but it has 30 slot machines and 6 table games.

Selebi Phikwe has two casinos. One is named the Menateng Casino and Cresta Bosela Hotel with 50 slot machines. This casino is rated 4 stars. The other is, the Syringa Casino, which has not been rated, owning 30 slot machines. This one appears to be the smallest of the casinos within the country of Botswana.

The seventh casino is located in Lobatse, and it is named King’s Casino. King’s Casino has 50 slot machines, and 5 table games.

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