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chile-casinosChile is a very interesting country. It has more than 2,500 miles of coastline, featuring some of the world’s most exotic beaches anywhere. In addition its the wine capital of South America; Chilean wine is high in demand around the world. There are more than 200 wineries; second to only France with the world’s most wineries. Cifuncho and Hornitos beach, both in the northern Antofagasta region, have some warm Pacific waters. Vina Del Mar in south central Chile has some of the world’s most unspoiled coastline, along with musical festivals throughout the year.

Casinos in Chile are where the good times are; there are cities all over the country where casino gambling is allowed. Most casino events involve the beach as the country is no farther than 100 miles from the Pacific coastline. This makes a leisurely vacation by gambling and getting a suntan a must do!

Among the Chilean cities with casino action include Antofagasta, Santiago, Vina Del Mar, Tarapaca, and Valparaiso, among many other cities. Even if a tourist doesn’t know Spanish they can get by easily; Chileans are friendly and most welcoming people. It is common for Chileans, when making new friends, to offer a sample of wine as a conversation starter.

Drinking is allowed in casinos; the casino laws in Chile are among the loosest in the world. For instance, while children under 21 are allowed to drink they’re also allowed to gamble. In addition amounts as small as one Chilean Peso are allowed as a starting betting amount.

According to figures from the Superintendent Of Casinos And Gambling, gambling in Chile has increased. Between January and July of 2014, people spent $28,000 pesos (US $52) each time they went to a casino. That’s up 13.2% from the same time period last year. This is a strong testament to the increasing appeal Chile casinos have among locals and tourists alike.

There’s something for everyone at a Chilean casino. For instance, most casinos will feature over 25 table games. Furthermore bingo is a popular game which requires very little skill and has big winning opportunities; a popular one among tourists. American Roulette is the most prevalent; Blackjack/21 is also a well-known game. Several varieties of poker draw admirers such as Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, Draw Poker and Go Poker. The many slot games and video machines offer a level of progressiveness which leave players hooked.

All casinos offer some type of dining. The use of rice, beans and plantains is prevalent, as is the use of steaks, a practice borrowed from neighboring Argentina. Its a common practice to eat a delicious Chilean meal while gambling; a testament to the laid back attitude Chileans have. This extends to the gambling experience as its generally thought that nothing should be done in a hurry; there’s an emphasis on enjoying the present moment.

Visit a Chilean casino; you’ll be treated like family and have the time of your life in a relaxed, laid back environment.

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