Colombia Land Based Casinos

colombia-casinosCasinos provide an environment that is alive Whether you are in Singapore or Las Vegas, players are focused on one adventure: trying to win money!

Colombia boasts many casinos. While this country casinos have stern laws that preside over their gambling entities, it is done to make casinos a safe place to visit so one can relax and enjoy their games. You will find many cities in Colombia which house casinos providing legal gambling.

The vibrant city of Medellin is home to Colombias largest casino which is called Casino Caribe. Players will get their adrenaline rush as they choose between 400 entertaining slot machines and thrilling table games. If you are too tired to drive home after a day spent on betting chips on roulette, the casino also offers a hotel to spend the night.

For those who prefer their action in the western city of Valle del Cauca, be sure to visit the Cali Gran Casino. Spread throughout more than 15,000 square feet, players will find poker tables, more than 150 slot machines and several table games. Besides the El Restaurant Elicpse for dining, you can even play Bingo!

Along the northern coast of Colombia you will find the Casino Rio in the city of Cartagena. This establishment offers more than 100 gaming machines and the table games of poker, roulette and black jack for those who genuine enjoy these games.

If you are the type of player who relishes a poker game because it allows you to simply make the right choice, check out the Casino Internacional on the beautiful and picturesque island of San Andres. Additionally, this casino provides players with seventy-two game machines.

The Hollywood Casino in Cali allows players to gamble while enjoying Hollywood movie nostalgia. As pictures of movie icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin brim throughout this casino you can enjoy more than 200 movie themed slot machines and various table games.

You will find the majority of casinos located in Bogota, the capital of Columbia. This tourist destination includes Casino Rock ‘n Jazz. As players get an emotional bang as they can risk their money on more than 100 slot machines, they can also indulge in poker and table games, than take a break for lunch at the casino restaurant.

Also in the sophisticated Bogata is the Casino Dorado Norte. If you enjoy the simplicity of gaming machines, this is the casino for you. Besides 30 slot machines, players can risk their cash at five table games from 11 am to 6 am daily.

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