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Comoros CasinosThere are two legal casinos located and recognized in Comoros, Africa: the Grande Comore (a.k.a. the Le Galawa Beach Casino) and the Itsandra Casino and Hotel. In the World Casino Directory Le Galawa has been rated with three and a half and the latter with four out of five.

Itsandra has 28 slot machines and two Blackjack table games and that is the size of it. You must be at least 18 years old to use their casino; however, there is no ID or entrance fee required. There is also no specific dress code required and the type of money that can be used is also not specified (however, Online-Casino-Party states that they accept local currency only). However, the World Casino Directory overview does mention that the hotel provides their guests with a very close-up experience. Their casino hours are 12 hours a day from 2pm-2am. The hotel contains a total of 26 guest rooms.

The Le Galawa on the contrary is located on a bay that used to be a part of ancient Arab land on the northern part of an island called Ngazidja and just three hours away from Johannesburg. It is the lone luxury hotel located on the entire island of Grande Comore. Every room in the hotel overlooks the lush tropical garden as well as the beaches. Aside from the casino, they also serve very luxurious cuisines and live entertainment. As far as their casino is concerned, however, there is not much at all that is specified other than the fact that they also require the minimum age to be 18. Like Itsandra, there is no specified dress code or type of currency. No entrance or ID fee is required, either. However, unlike Itsandra, not even the numbers of their slots or tables are specified, although it is specified that their tables are also exclusive to Blackjack games. All of the rooms in the hotel face the view of the Indian Ocean and has a largest private boathouse on the whole island of Comoros.

That being said, not too much is really known or has been publicized on the Internet about either Itsanda or Le Galawa. However, from what has been publicized, we can confer that both places do offer very high-quality service, accommodation and do their best to make the hotels feel like their own piece of paradise.


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