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Congo CasinosThe Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in central Africa and has a population of over seventy five million citizens. The country is more known for it’s political past mishaps, passion for sports and exotic locales rather than it’s gambling community, but indeed there is one. And by one that is exactly how many casinos there are in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; just one. At least, it is the only legally sanctioned gambling institution available, there are doubtless others but there you would be taking your chances…

The one and only casino of the Democratic Republic is known as the Intercontinental Kinshasa Hotel and Casino. The Intercontinental Kinshasa Hotel and Casino is located at Avenue Batetela, PO Box 9535, Kinshasa. The Kinshasa Hotel and Casino resort boasts both gambling and sleeping quarters and a large and helpful staff of baggage handlers, servers, clerks, concierges and so forth. Kinshasa is the largest gambling city in the entirety of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Kinshasa Hotel and Casino has a grand total of seven gaming tables, one hundred gaming, slot and poker as well as video poker machines, but no other gambling amenities.

The Kinshasa Hotel and Gambling Resort is a excellent getaway destination due to the fact that it is in close proximity to many other locale activities and hot spots. In addition, the resort itself includes many activities and amenities for it’s guests aside from it’s lavish casino spaces. Some of these include but are not limited to, Rooms and Suites, a in house restaurant and bar, a sports and recreation center and various business serves as well as in room catering.

They also provide their guests with access to a wide outdoor pool area and have a special kid’s celebration every Tuesday to Friday in the same location. Beyond this the Kinshasa Hotel and Casino has five tennis courts, two of which are clay and the three being flat grounded, two squash courts, a nearby comprehensive golf course, a total body weight lifting and exercise room, a heat sauna, a message parlor as well as a single hair salon, a total treatment spa and finally a beauty area for the more discerning traveling lady. There is also the iLevel Night Club which is active Thursday through Friday, open from 22:00 all the way until dawn. There is also a shopping arcade built into the hotel for those looking for souvenirs.

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