Dominican Republic Land Based Casinos

dominican-Republic-casinosThere are so many casinos within the Dominican Republic that one piece of writing cannot contain them all. However, this piece of writing will discuss the man casinos in this region.

Amhsa Paradise Beach Club And Casino

This is one of the most high-rated casinos within the Dominican Republic. In the heart of Puerto Plata, this casino is only a few minutes from the airport and a few minutes from the common village. The beauty around this casino is good enough, and there is always something to do for the entire family.

This casino has many slots and many table games, too. People win at this casino on a daily basis; this is the ideal place to have fun. Beyond the great table games and slots, people will be surrounded by great people and great food.

Barcelo Gran Hotel Lina And Casino

The Barcelo Gran Hotel An Casino is another one of those casinos that everybody is talking about. People come from all over the world just to see the design and color of this establishment. This is said by all to be the most famous casino in the area. There are many slot machines, and there are also several table of poker and roulette; this is great for players that like to move from table to table.

The hotel has enough room to visit thousands of people, and it is equipped with all kinds of rooms for the entire family.

Casino Diamante

Casino Diamante is located in beautiful Santo Domingo. This casino is strict on people gambling and winning money. This casino has almost one hundred slot machines and thirty table games. Every game is different, and this is considered the action casino. People can have a drink and a bite of some delicious food as they play their favorite games.

People gamble more at this casino than in any other casino, because from the moment people walk into the casino it is slot machine and table game heaven. This casino has had people win some of the biggest money, and they will give people their earning right on the spot; not many casinos have these wonderful features, and not many casinos can compare to Casino Diamante.

Casino Riu Palace

This casino can hold hundreds of people at one time, and all of these people can play at the same time, because there is enough games for everyone. This casino also has great food, and it has a great atmosphere, too.

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