eCogra Has Recently Updated Their Self-Regulatory Laws

ECogra stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. They are a special service that makes sure that online casinos are fair and safe to their players. Recently, they have updated their self-regulatory laws. With the opening of new, international online casinos nowadays, eCogra must be able to update their self-regulatory laws in order to fit the needs of other international countries.

ECogra has a special seal that they can give to certain online casinos who request it. This seal represents to the players and the other stakeholders that the online casino who bears it has operational systems and games that are fair for them to play. ECogra also monitors these online casinos to incredibly high standards to make sure that these online casinos do not falter in these high standards.

Highly specialized staff members within eCogra help to make sure that these online casinos remain at a high-quality standard. This is done through eCogra’s Generally Accepted Practice, or eGAP for short. Most of these members are Certified Information Systems Auditors, Chartered Accountants, or both. What they do is monitor reviews online of these online casinos. This is how they are able to enforce their laws. What better way to make sure the online casinos that work with them has high-quality and fair standards than to hear it from the players and customers themselves?

This isn’t to say that operators of online casinos will not receive benefits of their own if they receive this special seal. This special eCogra seal would help the online casino receive more player recognition. The eCogra seal is a well-known seal that players seek often before they join and play any online casinos. ECogra is also being promoted as beneficial to players by affiliates and webmasters.

There are four different types of self-regulation reports and certificates given to sealholders by eCogra. The first is the Safe and Fair self-regulation certificate. This is the seal that online casinos can receive. The second is the Certified Software certificate for software supplier. This seal is to confirm to online casinos that their games are high-quality and fair to the players. The third is the Certified Live Dealer in which an online casino uses live dealers with webcams and everything for their card games. Finally, the fourth one is the Affiliate Trust certificate. This is a seal especially for approved affiliate sites.

With all of these great benefits, eCogra definitely has to update their self-regulatory laws for the respective countries. That way, more online casinos can open up and receive their special seal.

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