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gambia-casinosExplore Exquisite Gaming: Gambia Casino Kololi

There is a lot to discover in Gambia’s sole casino and entertainment venue. This casino has an urbane atmosphere and a sundry of gaming options for each guest. Kololi is a multifaceted gaming epicenter and entertainment vector that was originated in 1991. Located in a popular area of the city, there are many tourist attractions adjacent of the casino.

The area in which the casino is located is very popular among tourist and locals alike. Gambia is located on the western coast of Africa and the casino Kololi is a great way to experience what the city has to offer.

This casino is very reasonable in size and the management team of the casino are very organized and trained. The casino Kololi is the only casino available in the area and has a prime location near the coast. Guest that visit this casino have various games to choose from. It is a casino that has many current positive reviews.


The casino Kololi is located near the western coast of Africa in the Senegambia area. This casino has several entertainment options to choose from. The fact that it has several options makes it considerably multifaceted. There are many games to choose from and a nightspot located within the facility.

Other amenities include a parlor (jack-pot) and casino managed restaurant. In connection of the area, there are several bars and restaurants to choose among. There is a café located within the casino’s facility also.

There is a vivid night-club for guest to explore and it is located in the edifice. There is a team of courteous administers and the dealers are professional. Kololi’s entire venue is over 40,000 square feet and is managed by a local entertainment enterprise. The selection of games in the venue are well organized.


The features that Kololi has to offer includes Texas-Hold-Em and Black-Jack. There are approximately three roulette tables, three poker tables and two Black-Jack tables for guest to enjoy.

Baccarat is a game that is offered at this casino also. There are over seven gaming tables to choose from. Other options include poker and slot machines. The games that that are available have been carefully selected to give guest an ultimate entertainment experience.

Guest can expect a professional experience of the casino’s dealers. The casino Kololi dealers and staff are very courteous. This casino was established in the 90’s. However, this casino has updated gaming to choose from. The updated gaming options that guest can choose from include slot-machines. One of the most popular games that many guest choose from is Black-Jack.

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