Georgia Land Based Casinos

georgia-casinosAtlantida Casino (Atlantis Casino)
A small casino catering to those looking for a few hours of fun and gambling. This casino only has a couple dozen machines, but it is still a great place to gamble away the nights.

Casino Adjara
Located in the capital city of Tbilisi, Casino Adjara is an up and coming casino. With twenty-five machine and the most gaming tables of any casino in Georgia, Casino Adjara is becoming the go to casino for gamblers of any skill level.

Grand Casino Sakartvelo
This slot players favorite casino has forty exciting slot machines and almost forty gaming tables. Patrons can also enjoy a bar and restaurant while having a fun night out.

Grand Slot Center
If you love slot machines, then the Grand Slot Center may just be Heaven on Earth for you. With seventy slot machines, you can spend hour after hour having fun and gambling until the sun comes up. There is also a roulette table, restaurant and bar.

Imperial Casino
Another smaller casino, there are only twenty slot machines located here. There is also a bar, so you can stop by after work or a long day for a few drinks and some gaming.

Pekini Casino
Pekini Casino is more of a bar than a casino, but with over twenty machines and electronic gambling games, the Pekini Casino is a local favorite.

Reno Casino
Another casino located in Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi, the Reno Casino is home to more than thirty slot and gaming machines. Perfect for a calm and relaxing night out alone or with a couple of friends.

Slot Club Tbilisi
This slot machine extravaganza is open all year long, 24 hours a day. Almost fifty slot machines call this casino home, so there is sure to be a game for everyone to play and enjoy.

Casino Astoria Palasi
When you walk into the Casino Astoria Palasi, you will instantly be hit with the excitement of almost 125 slot machines. This 24 hour gaming casino has no gaming tables, but tons of fun and gambling.

Casino Berkoni
This nighttime hang out of local gamblers has a smattering of gaming tables. They features games such as Poker, Blackjack and Roulette.

Casino Flamingo
This table gamer’s favorite casino features a floor full of gaming tables, but not one slot machine. Games featured include the classics like Blackjack and Poker. There is also a restaurant and bar for gamers to enjoy.

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