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germany-casinosGambling has a long history in Germany. The country’s first casino was established in 1720 in the city of Bad Ems. Gambling became popular very quickly especially in high society of the times and many casinos or Spielbanken, as they are also called in Germany, followed. To this day, the dress code in German casinos is strict. Ties are a must for men in some of the venues, and blue jeans, tennis shoes or sandals are not allowed in any casino. There are 16 states in Germany and although gambling is legal in all of Germany, the gambling laws vary slightly from state to state. In most states the legal gambling age is 18, in two of the states, however, a person has to be at least 21 to enter any of the gambling establishments. Since 2010 there is no smoking in German casinos but most all of the states accommodate smokers in some way. Some offer outside smoking in enclosed, heated areas and others still have smoking sections inside the casinos. With 78 casinos in numerous cities, there are many opportunities to experience the extraordinary atmosphere of German casinos and create an unforgettable memory. Below is a list of all casinos in Germany according to states and cities. Most of them offer table games such as poker, baccarat, black jack, roulette and more as well as slot machines, others offer slot machines only.

Casinos in Bayern

 Bad Reichenhall
 Garmisch Partenkirchen
 Lindau
 Feuchtwangen
 Bad Kissingen
 Bad Wiessee
 Bad Füsen
 Bad Steben
 Kötzting

Casinos in Brandenburg

 Potsdam
 Frankfurt an der Oder
 Cottbus

Casinos in Bremen


Slots only

 Automatencasino Bremen
 Automatencasino Bremerhaven

Casinos in Hessen

 Wiesbaden
 Bad Homburg
 Neu-Isenburg
 Kassel
 Frankfurt-Airport

Slots only

 Bad Wildungen

Casinos in Nordrhein Westfalen (NRW)

 Dortmund
 Aachen
 Duisburg
 Oeyenhausen

Casinos in Saarland

 Nenningen (Casino Schloss Berg)
 Saarbrücken

Slots only

 Homburg
 Saarlouis
 St. Wendel
 Ludwigspark
 Casino Glueckspilz
 Neunkirchen

Casinos in Sachsen

 Leipzig
 Dresden
 Chemnitz

Casinos in Schleswig Holstein

 Flensburg
 Kiel
 Schenefeld
 Lysia Clubsino Lübeck
 Westerland
 Travemünde

Casinos in Baden-Württemberg

 Baden-Baden
 Stuttgart
 Konstanz

Casinos in Berlin

 Potsdamer Platz
 Berlin-Alexanderplatz
 Hasenheide

Slots only
 Ellipse Spandau
 Los-Angeles-Platz
 Marburger Straße

Casinos in Hamburg
 Esplanade
 Reeperbahn

Slots only
 Steindamm
 Mundsburg
 Landsbek

Casinos in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

 Heringsdorf
 Strahlsund

Slots only

 Binz (Insel Rügen)

Casinos in Niedersachsen

 Bad Bentheim
 Bad Pyrmont
 Bad Zwischenahn
 Bad Harzburg
 Osnabrück
 Hannover

Slots only

 Norderney
 Borkum
 Seevetal
 Wolfsburg
 Görlitz
 Plauen

Casinos in Rheinland Pfalz

 Bad Neuenahr
 Bad Dürkheim
 Bad Ems
 Mainz
 Trier

Casinos in Sachsen-Anhalt

 Halle

Casinos in Thüringen

 Erfurt

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