Go Wild Online Casino Offers Big Prizes for September

There is always something exciting going on in the online gaming community, and the month of September brings great prizes at some casinos. Go Wild Casino’s is one of the major players in the online world. They began in 2008 and are still one of the world’s leaders using the software known as micro-gaming. They pride themselves in being revolutionary in this arena, and they offer high quality entertainment for those who don’t want to go out to play.

New online competitions bring exciting things to this casino. Between September 1-30th, one of their lucky players is getting a fully funded trip to Hawaii. This lifetime adventure will give two airfare tickets and 5 star accommodations on the largest island in this state. Other extras include a private helicopter ride and even spending money in the amount of $3,000. Called the Jurassic Park Gift Pack, their wild adventures on this slot machine have sent quite a buzz to the online community.

Go Wild is one of the easier casinos to get accustomed too. They add new games each month and their jackpots, like the current offering, are massive. They always tend to have top notch prizes, including this trip to Hawaii. They set out to transform the customers playing experience and that they have. Players not only have the chance to win amazing prizes, but they also can go to the next level by competing with people from all over the world.

While the Hawaii vacation destination package is one great prize being offered, it’s not the only one. Also this month, players can play the Argyle Open Tournament. By using the selection of golfers, players can choose up to 5 on the reels. Pick the right one and it could mean 100 thousand dollars in a player’s pockets. There isn’t anyone who couldn’t use an extra 100k in their pocket. The Argyle Open Tournament is just another way Go Wild helps to promote their site and to ensure that their customers are satisfied.

Sure, there are lots of people in the online gaming community. However, there are few that have the stellar reputation and offerings of Go Wild. They offer progressive jackpots, amazing graphics and astonishing game features. To enhance things further, the welcome package spoils new players. A rewards program and other loyalty bonus type rewards help to sweeten the pot. For those who are looking to join the online community but waiting for a great deal, the time has come. September is a great month with lots of prizes and this is just one of many casinos with good offerings.

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