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Guadeloupe CasinosCasinos are locations where a person can visit and gamble in a specific locations for a certain period of time. Some locations are legal and some are illegal which why it is important for the visitor to get accurate information about the location they plan on visiting for gambling. Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean and is divided into states and cities. One state in Guadeloupe allows for people to visit a facility in which they can gamble. This means that other locations that may be available in Guadeloupe are not legal for gambling. Two facilities are available for gambling play at the locations known as casinos.

Grand Terre

Gran Terre is the largest state in Guadeloupe and holds two gaming facilities in the state. The casinos offers ten tables that a person can play on in games against the house or other players. These tables will host black jack, poker or any other game that includes the use of a dealer. If the visitor does not wish to play against or with a dealer, slot machines are always available for the person to use. In the whole state there is a recorded one hundred and sixty four gaming slot machines among the casino locations in the state. These specifications offer the person to have a number of different options as to how they would like to gamble.


Gosier is the biggest city in Grand Terre and holds one casino gamin facility in the city. Here there is one casino facility that alone offers seven table games, two poker games and one hundred and fifteen different slot machines. This location holds the largest casino that available in all of Guadeloupe. This state of Grand Terre holds two of the only facilities in the country of Guadeloupe for gambling, this makes the trip to Grande Terre very much worth the trip and the drive.

More About Guadeloupe

The casino locations also offer other things besides gambling such as movie theaters, special events, food and even the service of receiving dance lessons. The possibilities are endless in terms of finding something to do either after gambling or if your not into gambling at the location. If your not interested in gambling or wanting to catch a break then you will not need to leave the facility in order to have some added fun while at these casinos. On week days you can enjoy the casinos from ten a.m. to two a.m. and to three a.m. on weekends.

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