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Haiti CasinosThere are a few Casinos in Haiti. These casinos have unique features and a flavor of their own. The two main Haiti casinos include El Rancho Casino and Royal Haitian Casino.

El Rancho Casino

El Rancho Casino is mostly known for its slots. This casino has approximately one hundred slot machines. These slot machines vary in price and in winnings. These slot machines also vary in the design of the game. Since there are so many slots, even on a busy night people will have no problem finding a slot machine.

El Rancho Casino also has table games, too. These games include but are not limited to blackjack, poker and roulette. There are approximately twenty gaming table, and these tables are always ready for players.

In addition to all of the games, this casino has exceptional food and exceptional customer service, too. People continue to come to this casino over and over again, because every time they come to this casino it is better than the last time.

Royal Haitian Casino

The Royal Haitian Casino is first known for being one of the largest casinos in the world. This casino takes a few blocks, so there is always plenty of room for people to come in and out of the casino.

The Royal Haitian Casino has approximately thirty slot machines available for players. These slot machines are not expensive in any manner, so this casino wants people to have a good time. There is almost ten table games in this casino. Some of the table games featured in this casino are not featured anywhere else; this makes the casino unique beyond measure.


Both casinos mentioned are not hard to get to in any manner. These casinos are also close to the city part of Haiti, too, and both casinos have hotels that treat people like royalty all of the time.

People that have visited these casinos agree that these casinos have a lot to offer to the people of Haiti and to travelers, too. Both of these casinos have outstanding reviews and ratings by every person that has ever entered either facility. Both casinos are open late, and both casinos have low price drinks, too. This makes it fun for people to gamble and have a few of their favorite drinks at the same time; there is nothing like it anywhere else in the entire world, and everyone agrees.

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