Hong Kong Land Based Casinos

hong-kong-casinosGambling is a legal business in Hong Kong; the East Asian nation is home to 2 comprehensive casino gambling facilities that are also horseracing tracks. Hong Kong has a long standing horse racing tradition that dates back to 1884. The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) is the body tasked with promoting responsible gambling in the territory. The two horse racing tracks and casino in Hong Kong operated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club are the Happy Valley Racecourse located on 2-Sport Road in Happy Valley and the Sha Tin Racecourse located at the 60-Kwai Shing Circuit. Both the Happy Valley Racecourse and the Sha Tin Racecourse feature competitive thoroughbred racing events. The race courses are all oval shaped and the running direction is counter clockwise. In 2014, HKJC rolled out number of sports betting options designed to combat the surge of unauthorized football gambling.

Although gambling is restricted in the city, the non-profit Hong Kong Jockey Club takes bets on football matches, lotteries and horse racing events. The club also accepts Bets over the phone, online and through authorized off-track betting centers in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Jockey Club is the single largest tax payer in Hong Kong; it is also the territory’s largest employer. Funds collected by the club are tunneled into the various community projects as well as charities to assist the less fortunate people in the society. The Hong Kong government takes up to 25% of the monies received from the lotteries such the popular weekly Mark Six draws which is conducted by HJKC Lotteries Limited. Casino brokers are not allowed in Hong Kong, illegal bettors in Hong Kong are generally liable for penalties of up to HK $30,000 and jail terms of up to 9 month.

Almost all online casinos targeted at Hong Kong players are based outside Hong Kong, these casino offer great welcoming bonuses as well as big wins to the winning draws. Private Poker clubs are allowed to operate by the authorities; however, the clubs are only open to paid-up members. The poker played in Hong Kong is also generally conducted as a form of sports betting rather than a core gambling activity. One of the largest poker houses in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Poker House Casino located in 49 Hollywood Road on central Hong Kong. If you are looking out for a typically casino gambling venue in Hong Kong, look no further than on the growing number of cruise ships. Hong Kong is currently served by about 8 cruise ship casinos that attract hundreds of thousands of gaming enthusiasts every year.

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