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ireland-casinosOne of the best kept secrets in the Emerald Isle are its plethora of casinos. While most people will visit the wide variety of attractions available, a growing crowd is enjoying the endless thrills and excitement that Ireland casinos offer.

For instance, the 1956 Gaming And Lotteries Act has enabled Irish casinos to grow and flourish for the past twenty years. This important law has helped the success of local casinos by maintaining their legality while keeping foreign entities at bay.

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and its capital, with a population of 537,000. In addition to its rich, extensive history it features a variety of gambling enterprises. Some of those include 11 gambling places, 76 different table games, 64 video poker and slot machines. The video poker and slot machines are popular favorites as they can be played for very small monetary amounts.

The largest casino is in Dublin; the Emerald Casino-Clondalkin. This casino offers a world of gambling choices such as 22 poker tables, which are always packed, 24 slot and video poker machines, and also 24 different table games such as Craps, Black Jack, and many more!

Players have to be 21 years of age and submit documents to prove their age. Alcohol isn’t served at most Irish casinos to ensure safety. The gaming laws of Ireland approve who can join the gambling groups at a casino; strict laws to ensure integrity abound, making Irish gambling among the safest, most honest enterprises world wide. This gives all types of gamblers peace of mind as the environment here isn’t as cutthroat as in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, as examples.

There are two notable contrasts. In the Republic of Ireland, whose capital is Dublin, there’s more of a welcoming vibe as to playing is concerned. The Irish people are very friendly; this enhances the casino gaming experience as they’re more than willing to help gamers. If a gamer doesn’t know how to play a specific game, the staff is more than happy to help. This is something not many gambling regions feature. In contrast Northern Ireland has much more strict gambling laws; gambling isn’t as widely encouraged there. So its best to stay in the Republic Of Ireland.

Location, location, location. Many gamblers, as a break from the lively casino activity, will visit any of the great local attractions nearby. World-famous St. Stephen’s Green, a beautiful public park, is within walking distance of most Dublin casinos. In addition Grafton St. offers a plethora of exciting shopping options. The Dublin Castle is a must see. So much to see and do while gambling!

Among the many gambling options include the 78 Club; among the friendliest casinos in all of Ireland. The Sporting Emporium is pleasant and lively. The aforementioned Emerald Casino is where locals go to see and be seen; featuring a little of everything.

The experiences at any of Ireland’s casinos will be unforgettable – not to mention safe and secure excitement. Visit a Dublin casino soon!

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