Italy Land Based Casinos

italy-casinosThere are five Italy casinos in which to gamble while visiting Italy. Venice is home to two casinos and considered the gambling capital of Italy. Saint Vincent, Italy is home to Italy’s largest casino which is the Casino de la Vallee located in north western Italy surrounded by stunning mountains. Being the largest casino in Italy they over 500 gaming and video poker machines and nearly a hundred table games. The casino has a pretty strict dress code for men, which varies and is stricter if French games are being played. Table games include black jack, punto banco, American and English roulette, as well as stud card games just to name a few. The casino’s restaurant Brasserie du Casino has an extensive wine cellar and great cuisine allowing gamblers to sample the finest cuisine Italy has to offer.

Casino Municipale di Sanremo is a very popular among the Italy Casinos, it offers gaming but also houses a theatre offering stage performances and ballet. The casino was first built in 1905 and has been kept up quite well over the years. It is a beautiful work of architecture offering both fun and history to it’s visitors. The casino also has a smoking slot area for those wanting to light up. There is no admittance fee to gain entry to this San Remo casino so you can take everything in free of charge.

CasinĂ² di Campione is a well known Italian casino sitting on the shores of Lake Lugano, it is the largest casino in Europe. It is also the largest employer in the municipality of Campione d’Italia. The casino was rebuilt in 2007 next to the old one. Now boasting nine floors with a variety of games. The CasinĂ² di Campione is owned by the Italian government and was first used in World War I as a gathering and intel place.

Casino Municipale di Venezia is really two casinos a summer and a winter one. The winter casino is closed May through September while the summer casino is closed October through April. Located in Venice, Veneto, Italy the casinos offer over 20 table games for play and many slot machines. Italy casinos are a great place to go not only to gamble but also to dine, be entertained and study the beautiful construction of the gambling houses that support a good part of Italy’s economy. The rules and dress codes of each casino differ so calling ahead is advised.

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