Jamaica Land Based Casinos

jamaica-casinosWelcome to the sunny island of Jamaica. For your gaming pleasure, here is a list of casinos that you can visit while you are here on this beautiful island.

Coral Cliff
This is the biggest casino on the island of Jamaica. Located on the “Hip Strip”, directly across from Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville, this place has endless fun. With karaoke as well as live entertainment being available, there so much to do. There are over 100 slots, and downstairs has a gaming area for children too. If your adventurous, try the high rollers room that’s on the walk in level, but bring your wallet, because it’s not cheap. With the bar to accommodate any drink you would like, as well as the balcony outside overlooking the city, this is the place to be when you’re in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The Treasure Hunt
This is the second biggest and only other official casino in Jamaica. With many slots available, you can exchange any currency you have an play a game of your choice. There is a bar available if you’d like to have a drink, and the inside is made up to be exciting and inviting to those who walk in. Located in the beach side city of Ocho Rios, the treasure hunt is a must to stop destination.

Hedonism II Resort
This isn’t a casino, but actually a resort that has slot machines available for play. Only those staying at the resort can play, and there are only 20 slots available.

Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort
This resort has 50 slot machines available for those who stay in the resort, or have purchased a visiting pass. Although not an actual casino, they do have a gaming facility with 50 slots for play.

Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort
This all-inclusive resort also has 80 slot machines available for patrons staying at the hotel. This is actually a resort not a casino, but it does have slot games available.

Hedonism III Resort
Similar to its predecessor, Hedonism II, this resort also has slots for play, but it’s not an actual casino. There are 20 slots available for play here too.

Jungle Negril
This is a bar, club, and at night spot, and it also boasts 100 slot machines. Known as one of the most popular locations to stop at in Jamaica for tourist, you should make the stop when visiting Jamaica.

Terra Nova Hotel
This hotel actually boasts 97 slot machines for gaming play. Because it’s not a resort, usually anyone can come in and play, as it’s not restricted to hotel guests only.

The Jamaica Pegasus and Derby Hotel
This is mainly a hotel, that has 47 slot machines available for gaming. Even though it’s not actually a casino, the fact that it has gaming slots, means you can still enjoy playing here.

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