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Originally gambling in casinos in Kyrgmic disyzstan was legal. This law was enacted in the year 2000,due to so much Islamis dissent. Before this time gambling was not allowed here. But many illegal gambling dens were located across the country.
These companies,while now legal are taxed heavily. This means that their income tax is 70% when it relates to gambling.
At present there is only one casino which is located on the borders of Kyrgzstan. It is located in Bishkek.
Inside the casino you will find twenty-six gaming machines and twenty table games.
This country has had a rocky history when it comes to whether gambling will be legal or not.
In the year 2002 the country banned casinos with anti-gambling laws which went into effect on January 1st,2002.

In September 2011, the casinos in Kyrgyz Casinos faced closure and did not have any alternative in sight. While the government here decided to close the casinos saying that, they were saving the citizens from gambling. Government stated that the gambling was becoming a social problem. They were supposed to allow a single gambling zone, however none has been chosen as of yet. This is not only a blow to the casino workers and the casinos themselves as a major employer and they are a big source of revenue for the country.

However, the citizens feel that by closing the casinos that this is contributing to unemployment. The people feel this may contribute to these displace workers turning to crime.
Now the government is trying to figure out how to open casinos in just one place and only allow tourists to frequent the casinos. As of yet the have not been able to do this,
The government says they feel badly about the local who lost their jobs due to the casinos closing.
Seems like the up and down history of these casinos leaves the future of them a mystery. We can only hope that the parliament will be able to decide to give casinos the go ahead and maybe even give the country’s economy a boost.
Hopefully they will realize that casinos in themselves do not cause organized crime and that they can and would attract many tourists eager to see these new casinos and the games.
Let us hope that their premiere and their parliament will come through for all of the people who were displaced after the casinos were banned, not to mention that these people would be able to be contributing to their society again.

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