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lebanon-casinosLebanon is a beautiful country located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It also has legal gambling and has one casino – Casino du Liban. It is located in Jounieh, a short distance from Beirut. The Casino du Liban is Lebanon’s only casino. It’s elegance and reputation matches that of many of the most often visited casinos in Las Vegas. The casino is a tourist destination, drawing thousands from all economic classes, with the wealthiest of visitors having opulent rooms reserved for them.

It’s location on the eastern shore of Lebanon provides breathtaking views from the observation area located in the top of the casino as well as from the terraces that grace the exterior of the building. Additionally, the skyline at night is marked by pronounced lights that cast reflections in the waters of the bay below it.

The Casino du Liban first opened in 1959 and closed in 1989. After significant renovations the casino again reopened for business in 1996. The 35,000 square meter casino has much to offer and can provide hours of gambling and other entertainment. It has 57 table games, 365 gaming slot machines as well as video poker machines.

Access to the gaming areas is open to all persons 21 years of age and older with some exceptions for Lebanese nationals and residents. Those denied entry into the gaming areas are those that are government/public sector employees and/or military personnel, cashiers in banks or any commercial establishment, and those who earn an income below LBP30 million per annum (equivalent to USD20,000). All foreign visitors are welcome in the gaming areas.

There is a strict dress code at the Casino du Liban. In the main gaming areas for men, a suit and tie is required and a formal dress for women. In the slot machine areas more casual attire is allowed but no jeans and sport shoes can be worn.

Payment for services and gaming at the casino includes all major currencies and credit cards (Master Card & Visa), Bankers Drafts and Travelers’ checks. The casino does not accept personal checks.

First-time visitors to the casino may register online for their membership cards prior to their arrival. An online membership registration form is available. Upon arrival, prompt issuance of the membership card is assured at the reception desk.

There are other attributes of the casino that make one’s stay a memorable experience. It has a showroom offering top notch entertainment, a theater, a banquet facility and 5 restaurants that offer something for every taste and palette, offering a varied menu of Lebanese and European cuisine.

The casino is also situated near many well known tourist attractions for those patrons of the Casino du Liban that wish to partake of activities outside of the casino complex.

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