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Lesotho CasinosMany people have never heard of Lesotho, which is a country in Africa. Even with the lack of knowledge of this country, it does have legal gambling, but very limited facilities. With only two legal gambling facilities in the country, both are located in the city of Maseru. Here is a quick rundown of these locations.

Maseru Sun Hotel & Casino
12 Orpen Road PO Box A84, Maseru, Lesotho
This hotel is beautiful. With the constant sunshine and a view of the luxurious pool, the casino is just a plus for this property. Even with this being a hotel, the casino is open to the public. If you’re looking to have a fun betting experience, come in and see what they have. Unfortunately, there are no table games available on this site, but they do have 70 slot machines for your playing pleasure. If you’re ever in need of any help while, at the casino, the courteous staff is there to assist you.

Even with the available casino, this hotel is not specifically known for it, with only two casinos in the area, this one is the least popular for its casino. If you’re not a guest here, but you’d like to stay a while, feel free to go to one of the many restaurants. There is a bar as well so you can have something to drink or eat. Be wary that there may be a dress code enforced in the casino, or if you’re dining on the premises or at the bar. For those who are staying on property, there is so much to do, including swimming, dining, and even some entertainment.

Lesotho Sun Hotel & Casino
Hilton Road, Maseru, Maseru 100, Lesotho
This huge hotel boasts an impressive casino too. With slot machines and table games available, the gaming fun never ends. If you like slots, there are 71 slot machines that you can play. If you prefer table games, come on over and join in the fun on one of the 14 table games available. There are 4 Roulette tables and 10 Blackjack tables for those who want to play. With an amazing bar in the casino, you can take a break and have a drink at your leisure.

The Lesotho Sun Hotel Casino is the biggest casino in all of Lesotho, with the diversity of both table games and slot machines. There is a dress code for entering into the casino, but it’s, usually, just casual dress. With an enforced dress code, make sure you are appropriately dressed before coming to the casino. For those staying on property, there are restaurants, a swimming pool, and so much more to do if you want to have fun, including going to the casino.

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