Live Dealer Casino Now Available at Full Tilt

The work done behind the scenes by Full Tilt Poker has been extensive. The company has been aware that they need to expand their area of operations in order to remain successful. Instead of focusing on poker, they have delved into the online casino business. Today they have taken another step in that direction, by introducing the live dealer option for players.

Live Dealer Casinos –

What are live dealer online casinos? They are online casinos where a dealer sits behind a camera and runs the game as they would at a regular casino. Players can place bets through their computers or smartphones, while having a full view of the dealing and handing out of cards from the dealer. Full Tilt Poker’s website will be offering live dealer blackjack and roulette games.

Will It Be Successful?

The problem with live dealers is that the concept is yet to succeed for other casinos. Sure, players get excited by the idea of a live dealer and try a few games in this format. They soon find that the game takes longer to process when a real person is handling the cards, as compared to the shuffling and dealing done by a computer.

Full Tilt Poker is starting this service because they want people to notice that they offer full casino services. If players are attracted to the site by the live dealer gimmick, they will stick around and try the other games on offer. In addition, there are players who enjoy having an experience as close to the real thing as possible. Live dealers may be slower than computers, but they give the feel of being at a casino instead of playing with a machine.

There are also people who are suspicious of the random shuffling and number generating done by casino computers. They think that online casinos cheat and manipulate the numbers however they want. By having live dealers handle the games, players know exactly how cards are being shuffled and dealt during games.

In their press release, Full Tilt said that they have hired 50 dealers to take part in this service. Not all the dealers will be working at one time, but it gives an indication of how serious they are about this step.

Amaya Gaming –

This move is the first big step taken by Full Tilt’s new owners, Amaya Gaming. The wealthy Canadian company took over Full Tilt a few months ago. They are determined to get full value for their acquisition, which means a lot of changes will be made to increase profits.

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