Luck o’ the Irish Slot Review

For all those who love an Irish Themed game, Luck o’ the Irish is sure to please. The Luck o’ the Irish Slot is subject oriented and nice fun for anyone who loves their leprechauns and is looking for their pot of gold. From the start of the game, there are five play lines that are visible. From the Blue Print Gaming Company, this one if packed full of entertainment. Though this game is successful, it’s not the only successful venture from this company. They are also responsible for sensations like Zuma and the Casper’s Mystery Mirror slot games. The company knows about making a great experience, and they certainly do with this game.

Playing Luck o’ the Irish

With forty pay lines and five reels, the chances to win with this game are ample. This game is typically plaid in European markets, so the language is in pounds on most versions out there. Each player has their option to make their gaming experience more pleasurable by adjusting their bids. For instance, one can bet a starting wage of 40p, but they can go all the way up to £600. This equates to 1p to £15 per spin. Like most slot machines, the more that a person is willing to wager, the bigger the payouts. The game seems to activate bonus rounds and other features more frequently when the higher bid amounts are selected. If one is not hitting the bonus categories, then simply increase the bidding and they will activate quickly.

The Bonus Rounds

Most people don’t play the games for their initial wins; they strive to reach the bonus rounds for the larger amounts of cash. As usual, the bonus rounds are where the real potential is to get more spins and make more. The Free Spin Bonus Feature is one that makes the game worthwhile. To trigger the bonus section, one must get the “bonus symbols” in groups of three. It must appear on reels 2-3 and 4 and no other combination will trigger this. Just for triggering this feature, the player will get gain five free spins and be given an award worth one times the total value of the cash in the pot. Some games give 15-20 free spins, so some are not impressed with the 5 that are given. However, if the Mystery Gold Coin is available, things get really interesting. More often than not, the gold coin will appear and things take a turn for the better.

The Mystery Gold Coin is a randomly drawn symbol that is a welcomed sight. When it is on the screen, the computer will choose a random symbol and replace it with the coin. This allows the gold coin to become a multiplier, and it also gives the player huge wins. This option is available during all the free spin rounds. Another big bonus, the player has the option to re-trigger the free spin action. This would give up to 255 free spins to the lucky gamer. Yes, that’s right, 255 free spins are possible! Surely, someone would win some money with that many spins at their disposal? To trigger this amazing section, just get three of the Luck O’ The Irish symbols. It also doesn’t matter where this symbol appears, just as long as it comes up anywhere on the reels.

Overall Thoughts On The Game Luck o’ the Irish Slot

The game itself is a bit predictable and there is nothing too exciting about the symbols and boards. The graphics and the animation are not stellar, and they are certainly nothing to write home about. However, the main focus of this game is to try to get to the bonus rounds, they make it more enjoyable. It is rather fun when the gold coin appears during the bonus rounds. Though a person has the ability to win up to 255 free spins, the fact is the system will usually kick out something lesser out. Those who win the bigger amount of free spins each about the same chance of winning the largest jackpot the machine offers.

It does seem to be a fairly loose slot and does offer many options for gaining wealth. While playing the game at the lowest bet, many have reviewed that the game is not much fun and the bonus section is hard if not impossible to trigger. Still, this is typical of any game that the more money one is willing to pour in, the better the experience all the way around. It’s a great game and does provide some good entertainment.

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