Moldova Land Based Casinos

moldova-casinosThe city of Chisinau also known as Kishinev, is where the casino action is in Moldova. Here is an overview of the best casinos to visit.

Broadway Casino
There is no entrance fee at the Broadway Casino located on the fourth floor of the Jumbo Building. Visitors are required to purchase $50 USD minimum in chips per visit. The gaming currency is in USD only. Identification or passport is required for entrance, along with registration, and expect to be checked with a handheld body scanner. The dress code is informal and casual.
This casino is on the small side, but has a lot of variety. There is one single gaming hall that features two roulette tables. There are another tables for card lovers. The casino also has three slot machines to choose from.

Casino Europa
Located in Chisinau, Casino Europa is a medium sized venue that is located on two floors. On the first floor, there are two halls that have slot machines in one hall. The other ground floor hall contains a roulette table, card tables, ten additional slot machines, and there is a bar for drinks and snacks. At the entrance to the casino you will be asked to show identification and go through a security check point where you will be body scanned. The second floor had the main gaming area where there is a separate VIP area with a roulette table, card tables and slot machines. The currency used at the tables is USD, however this casino does accept Euros and Lei.

Casino Fortus
This is a luxury casino in Chisinau. This is a small and cozy casino located in the basement. There is a single roulette table, three tables for cards, and a small bar that serves drinks and food. The currency for gaming in this casino is in USD. There are no slot machines located at this particular casino. Registration and going through a security check are required for entrance.

Casino Imperial
A very popular casino in Chisinau. This casino is located on the second floor of a building that was once a theater. THere is a main area for gaming that contains a roulette table, poker tables for lovers of five stud, and there is a bar with both drinks and snacks. For serious players, there is a VIP room available witgh a roulette table and a five card stud table. The currency used in this casino is USD. Registration and going through a security check are required of all players.

Game World
Located in Chisinau, this is one of the automat casinos. They have mainly slot machines and touchbet roulette. This casino is open 24 hours a day and offers complimentary drinks to active players. Registration is not required at this casino, however going through a security check is.

Napoleon Palace Casino
This is a larger-sized casino in Chisinau. In order to visit this casino, players will need to register and go through a security check point. There are several slot machines, live table games, and a separate area for poker players. There is also a live band usually playing on the upper floor. The main gaming currency in this casino is USD, however they do accept Euros and Lei at the table, and will convert them for players.

XO Casino Club
This is a small, elegantly designed casino in Chisinau. Like most casinos in Moldova, this casino requires a security check. It has a good selection for players. There is a single roulette table, three tables for cards, and three slot machines. There is a small bar that serves drinks and snacks to players. The going currency at the tables is USD.

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