Myanmar Land Based Casinos

myanmar-casinosThere are four casinos in the country of Myanmar. Most of the casinos are located near the border f Myanmar and Thailand as Myanmar officials are not in favor of gambling. The most well-known of Myanmar’s casinos is the Andaman Club. The Club is located on the Thahtay Kyun Island. The island allows the casino to enjoy a very private location. The only way to get to the Andaman Club is to take a ferry from the mainland. Guests are ensured a quiet and private stay to enjoy their gaming. The Andaman Club specializes in offering a discreet gaming experience. The casino is open twenty four hours and has slot machines and all the traditional card games. There are twenty five gaming tables for players to enjoy, including roulette.

Another popular casino destination in Myanmar is the Treasure Island Casino. The casino is small, compared to many another casinos in the world but it makes wise use of its space and there’s no shortage of gaming options to choose from. The casinos over one hundred different slot machines for gamers to try. Blackjack is another popular game as well as a Baccarat.

The Allure Resort Casino is another popular destination for international gamblers. The resort is all-inclusive and boasts an exclusive gaming room. In this room, a player may choose from one of over one hundred and twenty slot machines to try and make their luck. For players who choose to make a serious commitment and gamble at a higher level, the Resort offers private playing rooms. The Casino has all the different kinds of card and table games that one would expect. The casino is easy to get to as well with the Resort offering free shuttle service from the airport.

The Regina Hotel and Golf Club is another destination for world gamblers. While the Regina is known as a golf resort, primarily, the hotel has opted to take advantage of Myanmar’s growing reputation in the gambling world and install a casino within the resort.

These four casinos are the best bet for international travelers who are looking to enjoy a gaming experience while taking in the beautiful Myanmar beaches and scenery. Myanmar is close to many other Southeast Asian countries and there are, of course, small gaming rooms and tables scattered throughout the country. However, one’s best bet is to have the experience of a luxury resort and enjoy one of Myanmar’s famed four casinos.

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