No Decision Regarding Online Gambling in California

Legal online casinos will have to wait a few more months. A bill was put to law makers that would have allowed casinos to branch out into the online gambling market. However, decision makers felt that there was not enough time for them to properly refine the legalization bills. This means that there will be no legalized online gambling in California in 2014. The proposed bill is named SB 1366. It has not been rejected, but merely put on hold.

There has been a lot of debate regarding online casinos in the state of California. Law makers have been talking about this issue for five or six years. The state is hesitant about opening this can of worms, but they know that the revenue would be beneficial to everyone.

California is the most populated state in the United States. Online gambling sites would flock to the state the second online casinos are legalized. This means millions of dollars in potential tax revenue for the California government. With budgets as tight as they have ever been, they could use that money.


Ironically, most of the opposition for online gambling is coming from casino owners. They are worried people will stop visiting their establishments if betting can be done over the internet. However, online casinos do not believe that is the case. They believe the market has room for land based and online casinos to co-exist, much like they do in Europe.

The chief opposition to the bill in California is coming from Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire casino owner. He has already spent close to half a million dollars in lobbying money to slow down the potential legalization of online casinos.


There has also been disagreement over the specifics of legalization bills in California. For example, lawmakers want to ban specific sites from entering the market. These sites have operated in California in the past, and the government did not have good experiences with them. Full Tilt Poker is one of those websites. However, banning such widely known websites may not be a smart move, which is something some law makers recognize.

The final hurdle will be settling the issue with the existing casinos in California. Most of the state’s casinos are operated by Native American tribes. These tribes will want to have full control over online casinos, in a bid to expand their business empire. However, there are internationally known online casino companies that want to serve Californian customers. It is unclear how the state’s law makers will resolve this conflict of interest.

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