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2013, was a big year for online gambling in the USA, New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, have all made it legal for online gambling within their states. Many other states hope to follow suit, including California, Illinois, Iowa and many Others. Pennsylvania has decided to face this decision by introducing two separate bills, One would welcome the online gambling, and the other prohibits it.

Two great states, Illinois, and Georgia, lottery tickets are legally available for purchase online, with states like Massachusetts, and Florida, attempting to follow. Granted Online lottery technically falls under the same umbrella as other online gambling games, such as slots, poker, and roulette. So this (technically) is a win for all online gambling and online gambling lovers.

Even though games such as poker are much older and just as loved as America’s own pastime,(baseball) it still is not accepted across the board, and unfortunately it’s this board that matters (legally speaking of course). Federal law, as it stands right now, online gambling is illegal,it is a gray matter but none the less illegal it remains (federally). Much like the situation regarding marijuana, this is illegal federally, but the individual states still reserve the right to pass legislation superseding federal statutes.

Good news for residents of Nevada, earlier this year the first legal online gambling site was launched, but is only accessible to those within the battle born state, which is good , because if Nevada needs anything it’s more opportunities to gamble. Since this somewhat groundbreaking site was launched months ago, Delaware and New Jersey, the other two legal states allow legit gambling as well.

Online gambling has come a long way, and still has miles to go, in 2013 the war wasn’t won but it looks like the online gambling industry is sitting pretty.

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