Panama Land Based Casinos

panama-casinosThe Republic of Panama is in Central America with the capital being Panama City.It was peopled by several indigenous tribes and settled by the Spanish in the sixteenth century. After many political occurrences,it became independent,backed by the United States,in return for the agreement to build the Panama Canal,which was completed in 1914. Much revenue for many nations was obtained because of this canal. The official definition of the word “Panama”is “abundance of fish, trees and butterflies”. Panama City was the first European settlement in the Americas. This city is very modern,cosmopolitan and a banking center.

Panama is an upper income country, but there are also a great many poverty stricken people. Tourists come to see the canal itself, historic monuments and to enjoy themselves at the casinos for gambling and the horse tracks.. There are are 23 or more casinos in Panama City. About eight have table games, but some are small with only slots. The casinos are mainly in the center of Panama City, but they are not clustered as those in American cities,such as Las Vegas. The larger hotels do have casinos more as an amenity, rather than the purpose. Reportedly, there are 4026 gaming machines in Panama City and 94 table games in total in Panama City. There are complementary drinks for the playing customers, which is usually beer and sodas..

The largest casino for the largest total of games in Panama City is Casino Majestic, which has machines, table games and a pari-mutuel scene. It includes hotel rooms and is easy to get to in the tourist part of the city,located near the Multicento Shopping Center by the Radisson Hotel. The games include Blackjack,Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em, Baccarat as well as others.

According to square footage,the Hotel El Panama & Fiesta Casino is the largest casino having 20000 square feet of gambling space. It also has lodging accommodations Hotel El Panama & Fiesta Casino and is very customer friendly servicing customers with a professional staff with a variety of languages. The Fiesta also includes live Salsa music with a large band and a dance floor.

Many love the Veneto and it is considered the best by the locals and the tourists and is frequented by the “beautiful people”. It has many table games, such as Blackjack, Roulette and Craps, as well as slots. Weekends have a lot of customers and there is much to do here. Whatever casino you choose, you will have a great and lucky time here.

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