Paraguay Land Based Casinos

paraguay-casinosParaguay is a small country that doesn’t have a great deal as far as casinos, but they do have some great ones. They have cruise ships, as well as horse and dog tracks. This South American country has over 6 million people in it; it is a dream destination for those who love to play the slots and other methods of gambling. The capital city of Asunction is a hotspot for gamblers. Here are some favorites in this area.

Guaraní Esplendor

One of the best gaming centers is Guaraní Esplendor in the capitol city. This casino is built within a boutique hotel with the utmost elegance. They have numerous tables, and there are plenty of slot machines to keep one busy. It is a pricy set up, but they take gaming to a whole new level.

San Bernadino Country Club and Hotel

Located in the beautiful city of San Bernadino, this hotel has fourteen tables total. There are 7 roulette, 3 blackjack, 1 craps and 3 Punto Banco tables to choose from. They have 28 slot machines, which also has video poker. Their local restaurant on site has received rave reviews. They also have extras like a disco, piano bar and sauna and swimming pool for those who want to spend the night. An upscale casino, this one is frequented by high rollers.

Hotel Casino Acaray

This casino is one of the few that is not open all day long. They have weird hours of operation, but when open, they have great features. There are fourteen gaming centers, including 2 blackjack, 6 poker and 5 Roulette tables. They have 60 gaming machines that are sure to entice. They accept US currency, which makes things easier on most. There is a restaurant on site, but no bar. This is a no frills gaming center that is dedicated to the casual gamer.

Hipodromo de Asuncion

This horse track is where the action is at. For those who want to gamble on the ponies and play casino games too, this is the place to be. This counterclockwise track is fun to watch and even better to gamble with. They are a friendly establishment that has a full service restaurant and bar on the premises.

There are some other gaming centers, but these are by far the most popular. With a total of 5 casinos in all, there is plenty of gaming action for all those who live and visit Paraguay.

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