Portugal Land Based Casinos

portugal-casinosThe always intriguing and exciting Iberian Peninsula features one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. This is a city of 547,000 in only 43 square miles. In addition it’s the oldest capital city in Europe, predating London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, and Rome by many centuries; settled in the year 719 A.D.

Its casinos are truly an experience one will remember long after they’ve left; non-stop excitement and lively action. There are nine cities with gambling action; some of them include Lisbon, Oporto, Portimao, Madeira, Estoril, Monte Gordo, Quarteira, Povoa De Varzim and Figueira Da Voz.

As in most European countries, Portugal operates under strict gambling laws. This is to ensure the integrity and consistency of play for all players involved. In fact, the General Inspeccao Of Portugal Games is the government entity under which all Portugal casinos operate.

Integrity and honesty are hallmarks under which all Portuguese casinos operate. For instance, minimum gambling age is 18 and identification is strictly required to prove age. There are private gaming areas for which identification is also required, those areas are for seasoned gamblers and those “in the know” at a specific casino.

Furthermore alcohol is served at most private gambling areas but not at most public areas to ensure safety and the mental abilities of each player. A 5 Euro minimum betting bet is the requirement at each casino; enabling players from all walks of life to have the same odds to win.

The rules are clearly detailed for all games, most specifically the American and French roulette versions, where the rule ” En Prison” or “La Partage” isn’t applied, meaning that if the roulette outcome is zero a player loses the “Even-money” bet. Rules are consistently enforced.

Banca Francesa is a popular Portuguese dice game that attracts a wide variety of players and skill sets. Played with three dice, the rules are strict as there are only three possible betting combinations. However, the game is very fast-paced; not for the faint of heart.

Casino Estoril in the city of Estoril could very well be the largest casino in all of Europe, as they claim. It features 1,200 video poker and gaming machines, all progressive. In addition great dining is found at any of its six restaurants – the most of any casino!

A consistent selling point is that the staff at Portuguese casinos is friendly and knowledgeable about all games. Furthermore many of these great casinos are located next to Atlantic Ocean beaches, perfect occasions to spend leisure time by the seaside as a break from gambling.

Portugal is intriguing; its excellent casinos are part of that exciting intrigue. Visit Portugal soon; it will be an unforgettable experience at any of its casinos!

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