Puerto Rico Land Based Casinos

puerto-rico-casinosLocated on the north side of Puerto Rico this captivating resort/casino overlooks the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The resort sits right on the beautiful Condado Beach with 21 floors, 513 rooms, and 12 suites all offering luxurious accommodations. They offer services for large business or social events with 13 spacious meeting rooms with over 14,000 square feet of space! Free internet access throughout the resort with both wireless and wired connection options. The on site casino offers a wide variety of games including slot machines and card games. Highest rated casino/resort on the island I was unable to find any negative reviews in fact the customers were left speechless after their visit. Although I have never personally traveled to this destination judging by the ratings and reviews of this resort/casino versus other resort/casinos, I am extremely convinced to book my stay here. The rooms each have stunning views of the ocean as well as the beach with direct access to the beach. There is a bar on site as well but I recommend going to the local attractions and entertainment. However if you don’t enjoy visiting such attractions there is plenty inside this resort/casino to keep any person busy for hours. With a top rated beach and casino located right onsite or nearby there is plenty of opportunities to make a memorable experience. I have not ever gambled inside a true casino and I have always wanted to but I do not want to be the typical first timer and go to Vegas. No, I want to travel to a destination such as an island or country and both experience the gambling but also be treated to five star accommodations in a luxurious room. I also have a comment to make about the individual rooms, I have never seen such elegance in each standard room at a resort. Nor have I seen such a wide variety of local attractions so close to a resort. The variety in the casino is unmatched by other resort/casinos on the island with many slot machines, card games, and dice games for all the gambling needs. There is also daily jackpots and great odds on the slot machines, now keep in mind I am gathering my own opinion from other travelers reviews. I have always found this as being the best way to determine a great product, travel destination, etc.

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