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Romania saw its first casino, Sinaia Casino, open for business to great fanfare in 1913. This major event included music, fireworks and more. Unfortunately this location which was once popular with locals and tourists was closed in the 1940s due to communist control over the area. The building still stands but now operates as a community events center. However, the ban on casinos has since ended and the gambling business is more popular than ever.

There are 24 casinos located in Romania, all of which are built into major hotels. The majority of these gambling establishments are found in the capital city of Bucharest. The others are located within the cities of Pitesti, Ploiesti, Mamaia and Constanta.

Casino Bucharest is located in the country’s capital, near the airport. It requires registration to gamble, but there is no entrance fee to enter. The casino is found inside a 5-star hotel and also includes a bar, lounge and restaurant. Gambling is available from 6PM to 6AM every day of the year. It offers roulette and several table games as well as slots and electronic gaming.

Queen Casino, also located in Bucharest is part of the Howard Johnson’s hotel chain. They offer slot games, table games and roulette. Another popular game which they offer is the Portuguese dice game known as Banca Francesa (French Bank).

Fifteen other casinos are located around the city of Bucharest. Each offers many of the same gambling opportunities and restrictions. Nearly all are open 24-hours a day except for Casino Bucharest, Napoleon Casino and Perla Princess Casino. Their operating hours are typically 6PM to 6AM, but hours can vary.

In Constanta there is both the Constanta I and the Constanta II casinos from the major casino chain, Merkur Casinos. Both of these casinos offer a wide array of electronic games. There are also promotions, contests, lotteries and tournaments for guests to enjoy. These two casinos are each open 24-hours a day. Two more Merkur Casinos, which offer the same variety of electronic gaming options, can also be found in Ploiesti and Pitesti and two others are located in Bucharest.

The minimum gambling age in Romania is 18 and all casinos accept Euros, while many others will accept both Euros and Romania’s regional currency, Lei. Many casinos offer a variety of food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) free-of-charge to their clients. Casual dress is typically allowed, but smart casual is preferred.

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