Russia Land Based Casinos

russia-casinosThe famous Russian Roulette. You have to be literally playing Roulette with your freedom when your gambling in Russia.Gambling has been banned in Russia nationwide, but there are still a few select locations that patrons can gamble. You can only gamble in Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Altay, and Primorsky Krai. You can get Russian casinos, horse tracks, race tracks, and dog tracks. You can gamble at the tables or the machines with big prizes available. With proper regulations, Russia may soon become the most popular gambling spot in the world.

At the moment, they are not regulated and there are many gambling institutions throughout the Russia area. The threat of organized crime makes them harder to organize than your standard Las Vegas casino. Many Russian delegates are opposing parlors. However, Russia is a all cash society that loves to spend their money. In fact, over the next three years Russia will be one of the top gaming countries in the world.

Slot machines have appeared all over the country as more people are opting to spend money and invest in gambling. Unfortunately, it is an unregulated environment in the Russia area and patrons are playing under the threat of organized crime mobs.

Bingo Boom Casino

Bingo Boom Casino is one of the largest casino dealers with over 135 locations in the Russia area. In Moscow, slot machines are still in the grocery stores and patrons flock to play them. Other underground casino establishments have tables and card games. Each with large cash pay-outs. Although, there has been many raids that have hindered the Russian gambling community.

You can buy tickets that range from a few dollars to a hundred dollars. You choose the numbers that you want to play and then scan the monitor for your numbers. The maximum win for a seven dollar ticket is fifteen hundred dollars. In fact, it is said that Bingo Boom takes in millions of dollars at the end of the night on the slot machines alone.

Surprisingly, with the threat of being arrested for gambling in Russia you have to know the address of the gambling establishments because all workers are strictly warned about divulging the where-a-bouts of any Bingo Boom location. They can be compared to the US lottery, but patrons will lose money every five minutes, know the results immediately, and collect their winnings on the spot.

If you decide to gamble in Russia you should make sure that you’re at one of the regulated districts that allow gambling to avoid arrest and prosecution. Beware that you’re gambling at high stakes.

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