Singapore Land Based Casinos

singapore-casinosWhile Vega was king of the gambling scene for a long time, Asia is rapidly taking the crown. And of the Asian casinos, Singapore is renowned for having the best of the best. However, knowing that a region has amazing casinos and actually finding them can be two very different matters. So what casinos should one try out in Singapore, and what makes them so great? Well, in this case it’s pretty easy. Singapore is unique in the world for focusing heavily on quality of casino rather than quantity. Basically, there’s two main casinos in Singapore. And yet, the quality of each can be understood when one realizes that they’re actually in direct competition with Vegas as a whole. And that they’re doing pretty well in that battle.

The first casino is the Marina Bay Sands Resort. The first thing any visitor will notice is the size. To restate the obvious, Singapore’s casinos are all about quality over quantity. Imagine three or four luxury casinos in Vega placed next to each other. And the Marina Bay Sands Resort will still come out far surpassing one’s expectations. Another notable feature is that it’s not just a casino. It’s a resort, in the truest sense of the word. Even if one’s partner or spouse isn’t interested in gambling, there’s a huge amount of activities within the area to make it an amazing trip. It has nearly every imaginable type of gambling, and almost any imaginable type of attraction. One can spend the day with kids and family at a science museum within the area, have the wife head off for a massage, and then head off to play every imaginable game of chance.

The other major casino in Singapore is the Resorts World Sentosa, located on Sentosa island. If Marina Bay Sands Resort felt like multiple luxury casinos put together, Resorts World Sentosa feels almost like an entire city unto itself. It takes a cue from the idea of having multiple facets of entertainment, and pushes it up several notches. To the point where there’s even a Universal Studios Amusement park as part of the overall casino. And of course there’s a fully featured mall within it as well, to spend some of the money one earns with the gaming scene. And the games there are just as diverse as one would imagine. The cost of entry is unique. Citizens will have to buy an actual pass, which comes in at around 100 USD. While people there from outside the country can simply show their passport for a complimentary visit. However, one can see that the money is going to quality after stepping foot into the area. It’s a full 15,000 square miles of fun.

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