Slovakia Land Based Casinos

slovakia-casinosSlovakia is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Its larges City is Bratislava, which is its capital and is the place where most of the head offices for their casinos reside.
The Concord Card Casino has 15 poker tables and is open twenty-four hours a day.
Another Casino, which is located in Slovakia, is the Merkur casino.
It houses 44 gaming machines and two poker tables.
There are three casinos within Slovakia, in different cities, with the same name but they sport different types of games. They are all open either 8 AM until 4 AM or 5AM.
In the capital city of Bratislava there is a casino called the Olympic Casino, which is inside the Carlton Hotel. This casino seems to be a big one having sixty-two gaming machines and fourteen table and poker games. This on is open twenty-four hours daily.
In Kezmarok there is one casino called the Admiral Club Casino. It is only open from 2 PM until 9 AM daily.
Another city called Kosice boasts four casinos The Casino Double Star opens at 4PM and closes at 3 AM. It has 25 gaming machines only and one electronic roulette machine. It does have table games
America Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Mini-Baccarat, Poker, texas Hold’em, ultimate Texas Hold’em and Mini –Baccarat.
The Poker Club Monte Carlo is inside of the Poker Club Monte Carlo Kosice Hotel. It has 15 poker tables and forty gaming machines.

Casino Nitra has twenty-five gaming machines and nine total table and poker games. The other casino in this city is the Merkur Casino-Nitra. This casino seems to be smaller due to the fact it is said to have only one table and poker game but does have twenty-five gaming machines. This is open only from 8 AM to 5 AM.
There are five other cities that also have some casinos in them. Many have the same name for instance Merkur – and the city.

One would surmise that gambling is legal here in Slovakia because there are casinos in many of the Slovakian cities,
Each casino has its own website, however, they are all in the Slovakian language.
Probably would be easier to visit these casinos than to try to read their websites.
From the smallest of these casinos to the largest, they seem to be in demand and people love to gamble.
Slovakia is a country, which seems to have adopted our Western ways and especially the way of the casinos in Las Vegas,
Visit this beautiful country and compare the casinos.

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