Sri Lanka Land Based Casinos

sri-lanka-casinosA casino is an entertainment venue people venture to when they want to gamble. Casinos offer a range of slot machines and gaming tables where people can play games, by using their money to purchase tokens. If you have an interest in going to a casino, you will be happy to know there are two main casinos in Sri Lanka.

Bellagio Entertainment
Bellagio Entertainment is the name of a casino in Sri Lanka that first opened their doors to the public in 1998. The casino was originally named Bellagio Colombo. This is a very popular entertainment venue tourists and locals who are looking to enjoy a night on the town.

This casino features a spacious interior with a very classy design. The design features a perfect blend of warm colors that symbolize the exhilarating time all of the guests have during the time they spend in this casino.

Marina Colombo
Marina Colombo is a great deal newer to the locals and tourists in Sri Lanka who enjoy gambling. This particular casino first opened their doors to the public in March 2013. At the time, they opened their doors to both local and international gamblers.

This is a casino that is known to have a very positive reputation. In the short time that this casino has been a member of the community, it has worked very hard to build a discrete and secure atmosphere where gamblers from all over the world could feel safe. This if a casino that embraces all different types of gambling, gaming, and entertainment.

Hotels with Casinos
Sri Lanka is also home to a number of hotels which offer indoor casinos as one of their features for guests to enjoy during their state with them. These hotels include:

  • Colombo Courtyard at 32 Alfred House Avenue
  • The Park Street Hotel at No. 20 Park Street
  • The Saffron at 2/5, Galpotte Rd

These hotels are perfect if you are looking to stay in Sri Lanka and want to enjoy the gambling scene during your stay. Each of the hotels have made a strong effort to provide amenities to make your entire family happy.

The casinos in Sri Lanka are ideal for serious gamblers who are looking to make some money as well as casual gamblers who are just looking to have a little fun. Just remember that gambling can get addicting and you should never take in more money than you can afford to lose.

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