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St. Vincent & the Grenadines CasinosSaint Vincent and The Grenadines Is a country located in the beautiful Caribbean.This beautiful white sanded island is known for Beautiful weather, Stylish resorts, rich in heritage and island music. But did you know that This beautiful country also has resorts famous just for there legal gambling. Three locations to be exact.

legal Gambling is usually known as a few different games. The number one would be card games. Card games are also refered as table games. Table games are Blackjack- twenty-one, Polker, Roulette and so on. Horse and dog track gambling is also known as on and off track betting. Slot machines and sporting events also have a large following. These are all to be played here legally in st Vincent and The Grenadines.

There are two states in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines that have legal gambling. the two states are St Vincent and Canouean. These Gambling facilities are full casinos. They have Three casinos in total through out the country. Two casinos are located in the state of Canouean, one in the city and one on state ground.The other casino is located in St Vincent. These three casinos play many table games and have an array of gambling machines .

The largest state in St Vincent and The Grenadines is the state of Canouean. Canouean has 10 different gambling gaming tables and over 25 slot machines. The biggest rave in the Canouean state casinos is that they Now have poker machines. They also offer greyhound racing, Its always fun to have a day at the dog track. Off track betting, horse racing and sports betting. These are all the famous legal gambling activities of Canouean state. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Canouean City is the second casino in Canouean. It has 10 tables and 30 games, slot and poker machines. It two has horse racing and a dog track.

The largest and most famous casino of St Vincent and the Grenadines is in Penniston Valley in Kingston, St Vincent. The Casino is known as Emerald Valley Resort and Casino Hotel. This casino has 8 tables.The tables include craps, roulette, Caribbean stud poker and blackjack. It has 50 plus gaming, slot and poker machine. The Resort has an American style cuisine restaurant and bar on the premises. The hotel has 24 standard rooms available and surrounds the casino. The guest are welcome to an on premises Swimming Pool and Tennis courts.

Some of the natives and regulars in Kingston say there are whispers of a very famous industry interested in buying and/or building in St Vincent and the Grenadine. As for now, Those are only whispers.

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