Suriname Land Based Casinos

suriname-casinosIf you are looking for casinos in Suriname, Paramaribo is the place to go. With 6 casinos located within the city limits, you will have no problem finding a casino that meets your needs.

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino Resort, at 69 Sophie Redmondstraat Drive, boasts 135 gaming machines and 11 game tables, including 1 poker table. There is an attached restaurant, and the Hotel Abassador houses 16 guestrooms. The Flamingo is located near several local, historical locations, allowing guests to learn about the history of Paramaribo. For more information, call +597-420-350.

One of the largest, and most modern, casinos in Suriname, The King Princess Casino at 7-9 Dominee Straat has slightly more options. 300 machines and 12 tables, as well as the Ixora Restaurant, and the attached Wyndham Garden Hotel, which offers 103 double rooms and 10 suites. Their number is +597-425-386.

Located at Keizer Straat 81, The Phoenicia Princess Casino is a slightly smaller option, with 200 machines and 7 game tables. Attached, you will find the Princess Suites, which offers 24 suites. The Phoenicia draws it’s decor inspiration from the culture of the Phoenicians, who spread across the Mediterranean over the last 2000 years BC. To book a room, or for more information, please call +597-475-962.

Just 40 km away from Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport, at Wagenweb Strasse 81 you’ll find the Suriname Princess Casino, with 290 machines and 9 game tables. No hotel is at this site, but you will find the attached Princess Restaurant and Bar. The Princess can be reached at +597-4725-030.

In business for over 50 years, The Suriname Torarica Hotel Casino, on the shore of the Suriname River, at Riebergplein No 1, has 160 machines and 4 tables including 2 blackjack, 1 poker, and 2 roulette tables. The Torarica is known as the most famous and renowned resorts in Suriname. The attached hotel offers 129 comfortable rooms and 3 elegant suites. To reserve your space, call +597-471-500.

Finally, at Jozef Israelstraat 43, you’ll find The Golden Truly Hotel and Casino, with 136 machines and 19 tables, including roulette, blackjack, poker, and punto banco. The Golden Truly has 2 attached restaurants and a 20 room hotel. Check availability by calling +597-454-249.

Whether you are looking for a large, bustling casino, or a smaller, more intimate setting, you are sure to find what you are looking for among the options in Suriname.

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