Switzerland Land Based Casinos


Switzerland is one of those countries that flies below our conscious radar. But when we refocus on this land of incredible mountains, chocolate, lakes, yodeling, cuckoo clocks and four distinct languages, there’s another Switzerland to discover. That Switzerland is a land of legal gambling. There are nineteen casinos in nineteen cities, and each one offers gamblers the chance to bet against a staunch and regal set of traditional rules of play. The largest casino is located in the city of Lugano, and the largest gaming city in the country is Bad Ragaz.

Casino Bad Ragaz with its one hundred and twenty-five gaming and slot machines and six gaming tables has certainly put the city on any gamblers list of places to bet.

The Lugano Casino has one poker table and sixteen gaming tables. The games include French and American Roulette, Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack and Mini Punto Banco.

The Grand Casino Baden has twenty-four gaming tables, and a bunch of slot machines, The gaming tables include the same games as other casinos.

The Grand Casino Basil has fifteen gaming tables and hundreds of gambling machines. This casino offers all the games found in other cities.

The Grand Casino Bern has ten gaming tables and two hundred and fifty slot machines on its thirty-six hundred square feet gambling floor. All the typical games are available in Bern.

Casino Du Juru Courrendlin is located in the city of Courrendlin. There are seventy-five slots, two poker tables and four gaming tables. The games include English Roulette, Stud Poker, Blackjack and Boule.

The Crans-Montana Casino has over a hundred machines and all the basic table games. Bingo, Craps, Keno and Baccarat players like this casino because of the upbeat atmosphere.

The Davos-Platz Casino is small in size but big on action. It has four tables and seventy slot machines.

The Granges-Paccot Casino is another small casino in terms of tables, but the action is as good as it gets. There are six tables and a hundred one-armed bandits.

The Casino Kursaal Interlaken attracts gamblers from around the world even though there are only seven tables and over a hundred slots.

The Casino di Locarno features the game of Boule, but it has more than one hundred and twenty gaming machines.

The Casino Luzern offers Blackjack. American Roulette and Boule and other standard games. It has fourteen tables and a lot of slots.

The Grand Casino Admiral Mendrisio has a 4 star rating. This gaming establishment offers gamblers the chance to play the game of their choice.

The Casino du lac Meyrin in Genève is a favorite spot for European betters. It has enough tables and slots to keep everyone’s adrenaline pumping.

The Casino Barriere de Montreux is one of the bigger casino in the country.

Casino Zurichsee is another large casino. It offers gamers a chance to move around without feeling claustrophobic.

Casino Schaffhausen has a 5 star rating. It always has an assortment of high rollers at the tables.

The St Gallen Casino is located in the Radisson Hotel in St. Gallen.

The St. Moritz Casino is a world-class casino in the fabulous city of St. Moritz.

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