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Trinidad & Tobago Casinos

With over 199 slot machines to choose from, Trinidad & Tobago has casino options for nearly every player type. This Caribbean paradise is home to three legal gambling facilities. Each facility is unique and has its own character. The Island Club, Santa

Rosa Park and Ma Pau casinos have a lot to offer. Each of the three casinos have many games to choose from and very courteous staff to match. Choosing to visit and be entertained at the casinos that are in Trinidad and Tobago, is an excellent way to enjoy what the area has to offer. All three casinos are have prime locations and have unique offerings.

The Island Club

As a highly rated casino, the Island Club is the largest within this area. This casino sports nearly twenty game tables and one-hundred-fifty slot machines. There are eight major games to choose from in this casino. The top three games include multiple action black-jack, three-card poker and classic roulette.

Other games include Caribbean poker and playoffs of twenty-one (Spanish). This casino has a combination of seven poker tables and three black jack tables. The Island Club is located in the city of Valsayn. The entire casino is over 50,000 square feet and is open twenty-four hours a day on the weekends. There is an Italian restaurant (Botticci’s) located on premises.

Santa Rosa Racing

This casino park sports horse racing as its main attraction. The Santa Rosa has self and street parking. Hours of operation are everyday of the week. Saturday is one of the most popular days for tourist and locals alike. This casino is located near the Arima hotel and is an exciting way to enjoy one of Trinidad & Tobago Casinos.

It is the sole horse-race track located in the area. Major races include the Mid-Summer Classic, The Presidential Cup, Royal-Oak Derby and the Guineas Cup. It is a venue that has a rich regional history and all of the major horse racing events are hosted at the Santa Rosa.

Ma Pau

This is a casino that is open twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. There are over forty-nine gaming machines at this casino. It has a fine combination of three major gaming tables. The Ma Pau has highly reviewed customer service and a lot to offer. Baccarat, poker and blackjack are a center of attraction. This casino is located in the city of Port of Spain and has an exquisite location. The Ma Pau is one of the highest rated casinos in the area.

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