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tunisia-casinosGrand Casino Hammamet

The Grand Casino Hammamet is a luxury resort that caters to some of the wealthiest persons in the world. The casino has luxury suites that are serviced by world-class staff members. The casino is located right next to two golf resorts, and a marina that is able to accept yachts.

The Grand Casino Hammamet’s gaming floor opens at eight in the evening, and it closes at four in the morning. During the popular season, the casino floor opens at five in the evening. It features seventy-five slot machines that are able to offer payoffs that are far higher than traditional machines. It also has seven different gaming tables where one can play everything from craps to roulette. It also has two high stakes poker tables.

Grand Casino Yasmine

The Grand Casino Yasmine is the second of the two casinos located in the resort destination of Hammamet. The casino is located right next to a luxury hotel, and is within traveling distance of the beach and golf courses.

The casino floor is 7,100 square meters in size. It is decorated in an opulent manner where the games are not pressed right next to each other. The casino features a restaurant that is serviced by world-class chefs. The Grand Casino Yasmine has 115 slot machines. The machines allow for persons to bet hundreds of dollars in a single pull, and it allows for persons to win specialty prizes. This can include massive cash payments, luxury cars, and trips. The casino has nine high-stakes tables that can be limited, and there are tables with absolutely no limit what so ever. The tables offer games like blackjack, roulette, and stud poker.

Grand Pasino Djerba

The Grand Pasino Djerba is located in the amazing city of Mezraya. The Grand Pasino Djerba is located right next to four separate hotels. This gives visitors the chance to pick what styles of hotel they want to stay in. It is also located close to a spa, and it is possible to walk right out onto the Grand Pasino Djerba’s private beach.

The casino offers a hundred and sixty different slot machines. The machines range from low stakes machines to very expensive ones. The casino also has several different kinds of table games including Stud Poker, Poker, Roulette, Punto Banco and Blackjack. The casino is also able to offer private poker events where professional gamblers travel across the globe to complete against each other.

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