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turkey-casinosIf you didn’t already know, casinos and gambling of any kind in general are extremely regulated in Turkey. Although Turkey was originally a thriving location for casinos, the tables have much turned since then. Even though almost every type of gambling is banned, there are still a small number of areas that are both legal and state-regulated so that anyone looking to gamble while in Turkey is able to do so.

Pretty much when it comes down to it, the only place to find an acceptable, legal casino to gamble at is in North Cyprus. All casinos and gambling facilities were banned approximately ten years ago in 1998. Because of this sudden restriction, illegal gambling began happening in all sorts of places- restaurants, public establishments, and even hosted in peoples’ own personal homes. According to a statistic given by the Turkish police, about one third of the illegal gamblers in Turkey were women. It is even said by Turkish authorities that fake establishments have been created so that people can find some way to gamble. The European side of Turkey has more illegal gambling places being held and are located mostly in richer, upper-class neighborhoods. Once the Police discovered this common location for gamblers, they began to move their business to the outskirts, in hopes of not being found or investigated.

Gambling in Turkey had eventually gotten very out of control, so it is no surprise that in today’s modern age the fines are extremely high if any type of gambling is discovered by authorities in Turkey. The rules they have proposed are highly enforced. When caught with any type of activity that contributes to illegal gambling, the ones guilty are subjected to a 154 lira fine, as well as the owner of the establishment where the gambling was taken place pays a fine of 500 liras. On top of that, any type of association with gamblers or their facilities will also face punishment. According to Article 228 of the Penal Code, owners of gambling establishments and any other individuals that enable or help others gamble are possibly faced with a year in prison. This particular law doubles the punishment if any children are involved with the gambling in any sort of way possible.
For this reason, any resident or visitor of Turkey must go to the Northern Cyprus area to gamble in a legal fashion. Almost every hotel in Northern Cyprus has a casino, operated by the state allowing people the chance to gamble legally.

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