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uganda-casinosWhile you might not think of Uganda when you’re looking for a great casino, the country has a wide range of gambling options, with facilities that range from the barebones to the elaborate. Here is a rundown of some of the best.

Kampala Casino
This casino is located near many of Kampala’s hot nightspots and along with the gambling, there is also a music lounge that spotlights rising African pop groups. There is also a full-service restaurant. Along with the large number of slot machines, the gambling floor includes roulette, blackjack, several forms of poker and local favorite pontoon.

Niles View Casino
Located in the Visvar Mall in Jinja, the casino is locally owned and only accepts local currency. Most of the visitors are there for the wide range of slot machines. But the casino also offers Roulette, blackjack and a limited selection of other card games.

Casino Simba
Located in the heart of the capital city Kampala, this casino caters to the people who travel to the city to do business with the government. While the casino isn’t up to the standards of a European or American casino, it does offer a full range of games. There is also a restaurant, retail space and plenty of gambling tables. Like many of the casinos in Uganda, Casino Simba is located in a mall, and it’s wedged in between a movie theater and a department store.

Mayfair Casino And Club
Opening in 2008, this casino is also in Kampala and it offers a wide range of gaming choices. You’ll find the expected floor of video games and slot machines, as well as two roulette tables. There are also several card tables and unlike many of the casinos in Uganda, players can choose American-style card games such as Texas Hold-Em. While there isn’t a public restaurant on the property, free drinks and food are available to active gamblers. Another plus is that this casino is a stand-alone building and has a look that will seem familiar to visiting gamblers.

The Pyramids Casino
Located in the center of Kampala City, this casino has an Egyptian-themed look that is very distinctive for Uganda. Tha main floor is filled with slot machines across each wall and there are a large number of card tables in the middle of the large space. The casino includes an upscale European-style restaurant, a nightclub that features jazz music and several large VIP areas.

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