UK Gambling Bill Impacts Online Casino Advertising

The United Kingdom government has been working hard to legislate online gambling over the past few months. Their new gambling bill is in full effect from the first of October. This bill has consequences for online gambling sites, especially those who have been taking liberties with their British customers. One of the changes impacts television ads pertaining to online gambling.

Self-Policing –

Instead of waiting for the bill to come into effect, certain gambling sites have decided to form their own regulatory body. This “self policing” is a way for the betting sites to get back in the government’s good graces. The sites responsible for self policing are William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Gala Coral. They will set up a code of conduct, policies relative to underage gambling and advertising, and the option for adding maximum betting limits to all customer accounts.

The government will take their own measures. One such measure is the creation of a Senet Group. This regulatory body will oversee the changes made in the October 1 gambling bill. They will have the power to fine any site that does not comply with the new rules.

Limit on Free Money Ads –

One area that has concerned politicians is the amount of free money ads that come on TV in relation to online gambling. Sites are constantly promoting their bonus offers in a bid to get new customers. The four gambling sites that have started self policing will not air such gambling ads anymore. The ads will be limited to running from 9:01 PM to 4:59 AM British time. This ensures that young people are not exposed to free money gambling ads while watching television.

Another step taken by these four companies is to publish letters in British newspapers pertaining to the risks of gambling. The letters talk about excessive gambling, underage gambling, and how players can limit themselves on fixed odds betting terminals.

Strike Before Being Struck –

It is unclear whether the four companies will see a benefit from this preemptive measure. The idea is to gain favorable treatment from the government. By recognizing that these gambling operators made a change without being forced, the government may treat them leniently in future cases. There is a worry among online sites that the government’s policies in relation to online gambling will get stricter in the coming years.

Gambling companies will also cease advertisements outside their betting shops that talk about fixed odds betting terminals. Instead, those spaces will carry messages discouraging people from excessive gambling.

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