Ultimate Gaming Forced to Shutter New Jersey Operations

Online casinos and gaming are becoming a leading industry in the United States but some companies are still facing difficulties in setting up operations and turning a profit. Ultimate Gaming, one of the leaders in the industry, has determined that it’s time to shut down its operations in New Jersey. New Jersey had recently allowed online gaming in the state and Ultimate Gaming was one of the players that sought to begin operations.
Despite the fact that the New Jersey operation was unsuccessful, the company will continue running its Ultimate Poker site in Nevada.

Ultimate Gaming intends to shutter its New Jersey operations on September 21st. The online site will cease functioning at 11:59pm eastern time.

People who have been using the site don’t need to worry about any remaining funds they have in their gaming accounts. Ultimate Gaming has pledged that all monies will be kept safe and players will not have to worry about losing their balances. Ultimate Gaming has released a specific procedure that players should follow when it comes to removing the remaining funds from their gaming accounts.

The complete procedure is listed in full on the company website but players only need to withdraw their money the way they normally would. Clients have until October 5th to fully remove all their funds. The company has reiterated that, despite the problems with Ultimate Poker New Jersey, the Nevada site is fully functioning and has been for a long time.

Online gaming is a popular industry but the physical casinos in New Jersey have faced financial hardship and several of them have been forced to close. In order to operate an online casino website in New Jersey, websites must find a physical casino to partner with. Ultimate Gaming’s physical partner is among the casinos that have been forced to close and, consequently, Ultimate Gaming must close its site as well in order to be in compliance as well. Other websites are starting to find themselves in the same poor position as Ultimate Gaming. Ultimate Gaming also struggled because its partner, Trump Taj Mahal, did not publicize the site or assist it in gaining a strong foothold in the online gaming world.

Although the company is forced to shut down, they are guaranteeing customers a smooth experience when it comes to closing their accounts and ceasing gameplay.

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